Views for 2014-01-03

Friday, January 3, 2014
Vandana Shiva
Small Is Really Beautiful
In an age of obsession with everything big, we live under the illusion that bigger is better. We tend to believe that we need big farms, big dams, big corporations to meet our needs for food and...
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Laurie Penny
David Cameron's Internet Porn Filter Is the Start of Censorship Creep
Picture the scene. You're pottering about on the internet, perhaps idly looking up cake recipes, or videos of puppies learning to howl. Then the phone rings.
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Richard Eskow
Jobs or Inequality? That’s No Choice At All
What’s the economic issue we should focus on – jobs, or inequality? An increasing number of people, including the President and New York’s new mayor, have suggested that inequality of wealth and...
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Paul Pillar
Israel Lobby Takes Aim at Iran Deal
Here's a New Year's resolution that participants in policy debate in Washington, and especially those in Congress, should make: be honest about your position on Iran.
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Eric Zuesse
Our Afghanistan Failure Was Led by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
The Washington Post on 28 December 2013 headlined "Afghanistan Gains Will Be Lost Quickly After Drawdown, U.S.
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Annie Robbins
Israel Cages Palestinian Children in Outdoor Holding Pens During Freezing Storm
Once again Israel has been accused of torturing children.
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Saket Son
Welcome to the New America: Low-Wage Nation
When members of Congress come back from recess, they could put our nation’s 11.7 million undocumented immigrant workers on a path to citizenship.
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Philip Weiss
No ‘Breakthrough’ and No ‘Agreement’ in the Middle East, Indyk says (Anonymously) " style="width: 540px; height: 359px;" title="Secretary of State John Kerry names Martin Indyk his special envoy for...
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Ralph Nader
'The Country You Destroyed': A Letter to George W. Bush
George W. Bush George W. Bush Presidential Center PO Box 560887 Dallas, Texas, 57356 Dear Mr. Bush:
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