Views for 2013-12-25

Wednesday, December 25, 2013
Thomas S. Harrington
Israel Has Been “Singled Out” in the US for a Very Long Time
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Gary Engler
All I Want for Christmas Is a Union That Fights Climate Change
For those of us in the labour movement, tis the season to ponder what good our unions can do in the upcoming year and to renew our commitment to a key principle: What we desire for ourselves we wish...
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Robert Scheer
Bill O’Reilly’s War on Jesus
Maybe it is time to put Christ back in Christmas. Bill O’Reilly annually demands we acknowledge that the man, or myth, that has been moved to the center of this once pagan ritual be properly...
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Isaiah Poole
This Trade Fight Is Against ‘Global Apartheid’
During the commemorations this month of the life of South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, only occasionally did the media touch on the unfulfilled dreams of economic equality for black South...
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Pella Thiel
Is Humanity Nature’s Customer?
In September, the former party leader of the largest party in Sweden, the Social Democrats, made a proposition to the Swedish Parliament. He suggested that the concept of “customer” shouldn’t be...
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Anna Simonton
Meet the Texas Farmer Challenging the Keystone Pipeline from the Courtroom to the Plains
While the State Department mulls whether or not to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, TransCanada is already gearing up to start pumping bitumen extracted from tar sands in Alberta, Canada, to the...
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Sam Pizzigati
A Year of Delightful Egalitarian Imagination
Economic inequality, we suspect, may have crept into more conversations in 2013 than ever before. But people aren’t just talking about how unequal we’ve become. They’re talking about antidotes to the...
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Jim Hightower
Holy Words of Mass Destruction
Here’s a twist on Christmas that would make Jesus weep. First, a right-wing faction in the United States is wringing its hands over a hokey cultural “crisis” cooked up by the faction itself, namely...
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