Views for 2013-12-10

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Robert Naiman
Did Pro-Diplomacy Backlash Stop Steny Hoyer from Nixing Obama's Deal to Prevent War with Iran?
A New York Times editorial on December 9 warned that while "either side could undermine the November interim agreement, and with it the best chance in 30 years for a genuine thaw in Iranian-American...
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Juan Cole
Can Mandela’s Truth and Reconciliation Heal the Middle East?
Every transition from an authoritarian government to democracy is different. Some go relatively smoothly (Poland, South Korea). Others are rocky (Taiwan, Bosnia, Tunisia). In some instances,...
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Jessica Weisberg
How Inequality Became as American as Apple Pie
Last week, five days after Black Friday’s Walmart strike and the day before a nationwide fast-food workers strike , President Obama delivered a speech at the http://www.ameri
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Paolo Gerbaudo
Why it's Time to Occupy the State
Some veterans of the Occupy and indignados movements are considering a turn towards electoral politics. This change of direction reflects an increasing awareness among activists that to change the...
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Claudia Campero
Energy 'Reform' in Mexico Will Only Pave the Road for Fracking
In Mexico, as in many countries, information on amounts of recoverable shale gas reserves is uncertain. In 2011, the U.S. Energy Information Administration placed Mexico in fourth place worldwide. In...
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Beverly Gologorsky
In the Shadow of War: Life and Fiction in Twenty-First-Century America
I’m a voracious reader of American fiction and I’ve noticed something odd in recent years.
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John Nichols
Nelson Mandela's Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The South African Constitution minces no words regarding access to medical care.
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Jim Hightower
Geithner's Magical Trip Through the Revolving Door
Timmy Geithner has landed.
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Elliott Negin
The Koch Brothers Are Still Trying to Break Wind
As Congress dithers for the umpteenth time over extending a key subsidy for wind energy, the industry once again is up in the air. Called the production tax credit (PTC), the subsidy helps level the...
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Jeffrey Bachman
America, Genocide, and the “National Interest”
Today marks the 65 th anniversary of the Genocide Convention , the groundbreaking United Nations document that declared genocide to be an international crime.
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Dean Baker
Let's Get This Straight: AIG Execs Got Bailout Bonuses, but Pensioners Get Cuts
As we passed the fifth anniversary of the peak of the financial crisis this fall, the giant insurance company AIG was prominently featured in the retrospectives. AIG had issued hundreds of billions...
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