Views for 2013-11-24

Sunday, November 24, 2013
Sam Pizzigati
One ‘Entitlement’ Really Does Need Trimming
Deck the halls, this holiday season, with scenes of hunger.
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John Nichols
Scott Walker Intimidated by Big Money
Scott Walker’s new book seeks to portray the governor of Wisconsin as an “unintimidated” political warrior, ever at the ready to advance the conservative cause. That, like Walker’s suggestion that...
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Anjali Jaiswal
Cyclone Helen in South Asia Rings the Alarm Bell Again: World Leaders Must Act on Climate Change Quickly
With thousands of families evacuating their homes after the second cyclone to strike India’s east coast in six weeks , the latest international climate talks concluded with little progress in Warsaw.
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Jim Lobe
Will Bibi Cool It?
After listening to the various statements, press conferences, and background briefings by “senior administration officials,” and initial reactions that followed tonight’s announcement about the...
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Eric Margolis
America's Little Spy Helpers Down Under Create an Uproar
Indonesians are usually an easy-going, amiable people.
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Rose Ann DeMoro
Response to Typhoon Disaster Latest Reminder – We’re Lucky to Have RNs in the World
As the heart wrenching images crossed across our screens from the Philippines, the largest U.S. organization of nurses, National Nurses United, was getting in motion as well.
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