Views for 2013-11-17

Sunday, November 17, 2013
Dave Zweifel
Why Taxpayers Shouldn't Fund Private Schools
Reporter Doug Erickson's story in last Sunday's Wisconsin State Journal demonstrated precisely why taxpayer dollars shouldn't be supporting private voucher schools. There's no doubt that the subject...
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Joseph Stiglitz
The Insanity of Our Food Policy
American food policy has long been rife with head-scratching illogic. We spend billions every year on farm subsidies, many of which help wealthy commercial operations to plant more crops than we need...
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Ralph Nader
Prop 103: California Voters Acted to Save $100 Billion on Auto Insurance
A report just out from the Consumer Federation of America found that, over the past 25 years, auto insurance expenditures in the United States have increased by a sharp 43 percent -- despite all the...
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Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah
I Thought the US was the Land of Gold. Now I See It as Rude and Disrespectful
"Is it all right to say that?" He said this looking at me questioning. "Yeah, yeah it's all right", I responded – even though I hadn't quite heard what he had said. "Ah. I was asking because...
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Michelle Chen
From U.S. to Philippines, Nurses Mobilize in Typhoon Haiyan’s Wake
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Tom Hastings, Erin Niemela
War or Do Nothing? Alternative Options for Iranian Nuclear Issue Still MIA
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