Views for 2013-11-14

Thursday, November 14, 2013
Ronnie Cummins
Did the Anti-GMO Movement Really Lose in Washington?
But the ground we gained in Washington, in the form of votes, is nothing compared with the ground—in the form of soil and farms and fields—we plan to take back from Monsanto in the months and years...
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Ralph Nader
'Redskins': More Than Just a Name
In the mid-1950s I visited several tribal areas in the west, including the Blackfeet and Crow Reservations. The poverty, despair and cultural devastation were everywhere. In 1956, as a Harvard Law...
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John R. MacArthur
Some Balance on Press Snoops, Please
For those of us who have spent the greater part of our lives writing for newspapers and magazines, these are trying times. Big dailies are being sold at rock-bottom prices, world-renowned periodicals...
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Donna Smith
Health Economists Ignore Working Class Realities
Ah, the Affordable Care Act. We’ve all been inundated with the stories about the rocky launch of Obamacare's website, the policy cancellations that drop people from coverage rather...
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Maira Sutton, Parker Higgins
TPP Leak Confirms the Worst: US Negotiators Still Trying to Trade Away Internet Freedoms
After years of secret trade negotiations over the future of intellectual property rights (and limits on those rights), the public gets a chance to looks at the results. For those of us who care about...
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Isaiah Poole
Paul Ryan Gets 700,000 ‘No’ Votes on Social Security Cuts
Rep. Paul Ryan now has a clear, unmistakable message about where the American Majority stands on his ideas for cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits – no, no, 700,000 times no.
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Dan Gillmor
Thanks to WikiLeaks, We See Just How Bad TPP Trade Deal is for Regular People
Among the many betrayals of the Obama administra
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Robert C. Koehler
Reclaiming ‘Chiraq’ with Restorative Justice
I felt the music and the fire as the civil rights movement rose from its slumber. “Repair . . . justice!” went the call and response last week, in the basement of an old Chicago church at the corner...
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Mitch Jones
The Bipartisan Fight Against Secret Trade Deals
I’ve written a few times about the problems with the secret negotiations taking place to pass new trade deals that give enormous new power to corporations .
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Tara Culp-Ressler
Senate Democrats Unveil Pro-Choice Bill To Prevent States From Chipping Away At Abortion Rights
Last week, Senate Republicans introduced a national abortion ban that would chisel away at the constitutional rights guaranteed under Roe v. Wade .
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John Feffer
On 21st Century Zombies: The Undead and Us
I thought it was a fad, and it would die out.
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Amy Goodman
Typhoon Haiyan Demands Climate Action at the UN Summit in Warsaw
Typhoon Haiyan, a storm of historic proportions, has devastated the largely impoverished population of the Philippines. Thousands of people are dead, hundreds of thousands are stranded with almost no...
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Deepa Kumar, Arun Kundnani
'Homeland' and the Imagination of National Security
The show Homeland began its third season with record-breaking ratings .
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