Views for 2013-11-11

Monday, November 11, 2013
Trevor Timm
NSA's Vast Surveillance Powers Extend Far Beyond Counterterrorism, Despite Misleading Government Claims
Time and again we’ve seen the National Security Agency (NSA) defend its vast surveillance apparatus by invoking the spectre of terrorism, discussing its spying powers as a method to keep America safe...
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Lawrence Wittner
Raise the Minimum Wage
Some 47 million Americans live in poverty, and a key reason is the decline of the minimum wage.
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Greg Kaufmann, Elaine Weiss
The New Public on Poverty and Education
The negative impact of poverty on a child’s educational achievement is indisputable.
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Harvey Wasserman
Pandora's Atomic Box Score: On the Nuclear Industry's Total Meltdown
The first prophetic sign to follow CNN's irrelevant Pandora's Promise is this: the Dallas-based Luminant Power Company has cancelled two mammoth reactors. Pandora's box score for atomic America 2013...
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Medea Benjamin
Will Jeh Johnson Make the Homeland More Secure?
Jeh Johnson, President Obama’s pick to replace outgoing Secretary Janet Napolitano as head of the Department of Homeland Security, will appear before the Senate Homeland Security Committee this week...
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John Nichols
A Doctor With a Cure: ‘Medicare for All’
Gene Farley and I shared a deep affection for Tommy Douglas , the Baptist preacher-turned-statesman who as the leader of Saskatchewan’s Cooperative Commonwealth Federation established the framework...
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Jomo Kwame Sundaram
A Global Green New Deal for Sustainable Development
Eight decades ago, during the Great Depression, newly elected U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt introduced the New Deal consisting of a number of mutually supporting initiatives of which the...
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Jamie Henn
'Climate Crisis Madness': Philippines Demand Action at UN Climate Talks in Warsaw
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Sam Pizzigati
Counting the Dollars the Rich Want Uncounted
How unequal have workplaces in the United States become? Our best answer happens to come from an unlikely source: the Social Security Administration.
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Robert Parry
A Showdown for War or Peace
In pressing for negotiated settlements to the Iranian nuclear dispute and the Syrian civil war, President Barack Obama is challenging the imposing lobbying, propaganda and financial clout of the new...
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Chris Hedges
The Revolutionaries in Our Midst
NEW YORK—Jeremy Hammond sat in New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center last week in a small room reserved for visits from attorneys. He was wearing an oversized prison jumpsuit. The brown hair of...
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Paul Buchheit
The Stealthy Killer That Is Capitalism
The process is gradual, insidious, lethal. It starts with financial stress in various forms, and then, according to growing evidence, leads to health problems and shorter lives.
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