Views for 2013-11-08

Friday, November 8, 2013
Conn Hallinan
Could US/Iran Nuclear Agreement Spark Israeli Attack?
Is Israel really planning to attack Iran, or are declarations about the possibility of a pre-emptive strike at Teheran’s nuclear program simply bombast? Does President Obama’s “we have your back ”...
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David Morris
Time is Running Out to Save the Post Office
In July 2011 the United States Postal Service (USPS) management announced it would rapidly close 3600 local post offices and eventually as many as 15,000. And shutter half the nation’s mail...
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John Vidal
Typhoon Haiyan: What Really Alarms Filipinos Is the Rich World Ignoring Climate Change
I met Naderev Saño last year in Doha, when the world's governments were meeting for the annual UN climate talks.
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Sonali Kolhatkar
The LAX Shooting, Domestic Terrorism, and the NRA
Each time a horrific shooting takes place, the nation pauses, politicians pay lip service and the country’s biggest gun lobby—the National Rifle Association—remains silent.
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Laura Flanders
De Blasio in New York: If You Can Do It Here…
Take that, all of you who doubted that a candidate who planted his campaign on a promise of tackling inequality could attract enough support to win. On November 5, New Yorker’s elected just such a...
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Tom Engelhardt
The Costs of War, Up Close and Personal
Back in the distant year 2003, my novel about a world I had inhabited for decades, The Last Days of Publishing , came out. In its last pages, three superannuated book editors huddled in a coffee shop...
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Jon Walker
Obama Points Out How Simple and Easy It Is to Expand Public Insurance
While in Texas selling his health care law President Obama highlighted that it is really easy to just expand public insurance to cover the uninsured. From Obama :
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Jacob Swenson, Jamie Merchant
Shooting Ourselves: Mass Killings, Austerity, and the Breakdown of American Society
Sandy Hook. Columbine. Aurora. Tucson. Fort Hood. These names ring out in popular memory as the sites of seemingly random, horrific atrocities.
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John Nichols, Robert McChesney
Free the Media!
When we helped form the national media-reform network Free Press, we were motivated by an understanding that the great debates about media policy played out behind closed doors in Washington, with...
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