Views for 2013-10-29

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
David Callahan
The Most Important Labor Strike in the World Is Happening Right Now
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Robert Parry
Neocons Push Israeli-Saudi Alliance
American neocons are rallying to the new Israeli-Saudi alliance by demanding that President Barack Obama engage more aggressively against the two countries’ foes in the Middle East, thus “bolstering...
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Naomi Klein
How Science Is Telling Us All To Revolt
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Harvey Wasserman
Filmmaker Robert Stone, Other Pro-Nuke Advocates Should Make Expedition to Fukushima
We are in desperate need of documentary filmmakers at Fukushima.
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Jeremy Scahill
Perpetual War: How Does the Global War on Terror Ever End?
[ This epilogue to Scahill’s bestselling book, Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield , is posted with the kind permission of its publisher, Nation Books. ]
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Richard Eskow
A Four-Point “Scorecard” for the Budget Talks
The House-Senate budget negotiations, scheduled to begin on Wednesday, are an opportunity for our leaders to finally have a meaningful discussion about healing our damaged economy. That’s the...
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Robert Scheer
Obama, Congress Owe Snowden Thanks, and a Pardon
Now we know that even the president needs leaks from Edward Snowden to be fully informed about the dastardly acts of his own top spy agency.
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Robin Broad, John Cavanagh
Billionaires: Decline of the West, Rise of the Rest
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