Views for 2013-10-19

Saturday, October 19, 2013
Pamela Palmater
Feathers Versus Guns: The Throne Speech and Canada's War With Mi'kmaw Nation
As I write this blog, Canada is at war with the Mi'kmaw Nation -- again -- this time in Elsipogtog (Big Cove First Nation) in New Brunswick. The Mi'kmaw have spoken out against hydro- fracking on...
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Christopher Brauchli
The Anonymous Informer
Tell the president that the way to solve his problem is to find that one man who would turn out to be . . . possessed of . . . a passion for anonymity. — Tom Jones, (private secretary to Prime...
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Jill Richardson
Meat So Cheap You Could Die
Thanks to the shutdown, the government is doing less to protect Americans from foodborne pathogens and deal with the aftermath of outbreaks. The timing couldn’t be worse.
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Laura Flanders
Nobel Prize? Meet the Economic Movement That Really Deserves Praise
The winners of the so-called Nobel Prize for economics were announced this week , and what a peculiar pick: The three who will share the award this year sit on two diametrically opposed sides of...
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Mark Ruffalo, Wenonah Hauter
Five Reasons to Join Us for the Global Frackdown
This Saturday, thousands of people around the world will take action to ban fracking in their communities as part of Global Frackdown 2, the second international day of action to ban fracking. More...
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Mark Weisbrot
With Debt Ceiling Lifted, Will America Move to Non-Fiction on Economic Issues?
The rest of the world must have been fascinated at the spectacle that was the US government shutdown and threat of default on our public debt. Here is a country that not only has no public debt...
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