Views for 2013-10-13

Sunday, October 13, 2013
Michelle Chen
Migrant Women Bring Voices to Capital
Adareli Ponce is a typical working woman in America, but her work experience is not typically "American." Even though the products of the labor of women like her are everywhere, her story is...
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Igor Volsky
Paul Ryan Wants To Use Debt Ceiling To Deny Women Access To Birth Control
Since negotiations to avert a national default on the debt have shifted from the House to the Senate, Republicans in the lower chamber are still hoping to use the talks as “leverage” to limit women’s...
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Gareth Porter
Israeli Claim of Iranian ICBM Exploits Biased US Intel
In an effort to provoke any possible opposition in U.S.
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Jeff Biggers
Mother Jones Is Still Calling Out Deadbeat Coal Barons (on Coal Miner's Day)
I hear Mother Jones calling. The deadbeat coal barons still need to be called out.
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Brentin Mock
U.S. Housing Dept. Takes Hardest Shutdown Hit of All
If ever there was a time to have a fully functional U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development it is now in the aftermath of the housing market crash, which began in 2007 and has yet to recover...
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John Nichols
Duffy's 'Small Ask': Disregard Democracy
Congressman Sean Duffy was making the rounds of national TV shows last week, proposing his solution for the standoff that created the government shutdown. The northern Wisconsin Republican said that...
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Tony Norman
Tea Party Types Eye the Disasters Ahead
If Congress and the Obama administration fail to find a way for Tea Party conservatives to back out of the current budget stalemate with a shred of their dignity next week, the American economy will...
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