Views for 2013-09-25

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Beverly Bell, Tory Field
The Rights of Mother Earth vs. Carbon Trading
Inatoy Sidsagi and his cousin Esteban Herrera, from the indigenous Kuna Yala (also known as Guna Yala) nation in Panama, make up the indigenous rap group Kunarevolution .
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Marge Baker
Citizens United, the Sequel
Did you get sick of that barrage of attack ads during last year’s elections? Brace yourself: It could get worse. One deep-pocketed Alabama donor named Shaun McCutcheon, joined by the Republican...
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Wenonah Hauter
For Democrats Nationwide, Pennsylvania Offers a Lens on the Widening Rift Over Fracking
The Democratic Party has a few problems. Recently, President Obama has been forced to confront growing discord within his own party over a number of issues, from foreign policy to economics and the...
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Jon Walker
Ted Cruz as Performance Art
Ted Cruz has finally concluded his fake filibuster of a bill he hopes will pass. If I did not know better I would swear Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was executing some Sacha Baron Cohen-style performance art...
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Joshua Frank
FrackSwarm: Harnessing the Power of the Anti-Fracking Movement into a Valuable Web Resource
Snow drifts arc along the Interstate as a frigid wind rips through this austere landscape of western North Dakota. The scene is something out of a colorful and lonely C.M. Russell painting.
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Jim Hightower
A New Voice of Morality Responds Bluntly to Right-Wing Rants Against Anti-Poverty Programs
The bluebirds of happiness are chirping away in our nation's treetops these days, for America is now in the fifth year of economic recovery. Let's all sing "Happy Days Are Here Again," for stock...
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Nafeez Ahmed
The Crisis of Civilization is an Unprecedented Opportunity
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Chuck Collins
Inequality for All: Documentary Antidote to "Elysium Economy"
Two cinematic experiences about extreme wealth inequality are worth seeing, one dramatic and the other documentary.
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Stephen Zunes
What Obama Didn't Say in His UN Speech
In his speech Tuesday before the United Nations General Assembly, President Obama made important and valid points on the issues of human rights, arms control, and global governance. But note what the...
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Jim Horn
America's Education Whistleblower: Diane Ravitch and the Reign of Error
Author's note: On September 18, Joe Bowers listed 33 reviews of Diane Ravitch’s new book, Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools . Since...
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