Views for 2013-09-09

Monday, September 9, 2013
Dennis Kucinich
How the White House and the CIA Are Marketing a War in the YouTube Era
Governments have always used fear and manipulation of emotion to get the public to support wars. The Bush administration did it in 2002 in Iraq and it is happening again in Obama's push for war in...
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Allison Kilkenny
The Hidden Rot: We Don't Fully Understand the Consequences of Budget Cuts
Back in June, when the effects of the sequestration were first starting to settle in, certain media outlets like The Washington Post printed that the Obama administration had http://articles...
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Ray McGovern
Mr. Obama, Time to Reveal US Intel on Syria
Were White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough not pushing for yet another war based on what look to be false pretenses, one might feel sorry for him after his multiple TV appearances on Sunday...
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Bob Dreyfuss
Obama Plans 'Shock and Awe' in Syria
President Obama’s plan to have Congress approve his ill-considered war on behalf of Al Qaeda in Syria will shock everyone, when it happens, with its sheer intensity.
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Phil Aroneanu
The World Does Need a Red Line – On Climate Change
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Wenonah Hauter
For the USDA, Chicken is Just Politics
When you purchase chicken at the grocery store, you might have the perfectly reasonable expectation that the poultry you are buying was raised on an American farm, and that it was inspected by a...
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Josh Levy
Sept. 9 Could Mark the Beginning of the End for Net Neutrality
Sept. 9 is the next front in the long-running battle over what we can do and say online.
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Paul Buchheit
Five Acts of Terror Since 9/11. By the People We Chose to Protect Us.
Every clear-thinking American knows that education and jobs are needed more than armed guards in poor neighborhoods.
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Norman Solomon
Liberal Luminaries in Senate Are Swing Votes on Bombing Syria
Many senators began this week still uncommitted on whether they’ll vote for attacking Syria. Among the fence-sitters are enough “progressives” to swing the Senate’s decision one way or the other.
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Andrew Bacevich
Capitol Hill to the Rescue on Syria? Don’t Hold Your Breath
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