Views for 2013-09-02

Monday, September 2, 2013
Richard Wolff
Organized Labor's Decline in the US is Well-Known. But What Drove it?
Organized labor's decline in the US over the past half century is well-known; what drove that decline, less so. The New Deal 's enemies – big business, Republicans, conservatives – had developed a...
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David Roberts
Hope and Fellowship
Over the last 10 years, I’ve been asked one question more than any other: Is there any hope? Or are we just f*cked? Regular readers could be forgiven for concluding that we are, indeed, f*cked. On...
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Jim Naureckas
Which Syrian Chemical Attack Account Is More Credible?
Let's compare a couple of accounts of the mass deaths apparently caused by chemical weapons in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta on August 21. One account comes from the U.S.
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Jim Hightower
Where Labor Day Came From, and Where It's Going
Webster's dictionary tells us that Labor Day was "set aside for special recognition of working people."
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Chris Hedges
The Last Chance to Stop the NDAA
I and my fellow plaintiffs have begun the third and final round of our battle to get the courts to strike down a section of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that permits the military to...
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Paul Buchheit
The Eight Most Dumped-On Americans
We live in a society that allows one man to make $15 million a day while a low-income mother gets $4.50 a day for food, and much of Congress wants to
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Amy Dean
Alt-Labor Day, 2013
Fast food workers in dozens of cities staged a national day of strikes on Thursday, August 29. The action sought to galvanize public support for a living wage of $15 per hour, and respect for fast...
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