Views for 2013-08-07

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Robert McChesney
The Bezos Absurdity
As the commercial model of journalism is in freefall collapse, those remaining news media franchises have become playthings for billionaires, generally of value for political purposes, as old-...
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Jim Hightower
Forget Student Loans -- Make Higher Ed Free
Well, finally! Hard-right congressional leaders and the Obama White House have agreed that interest rates on student loans should not double to nearly 7 percent, as they let happen early in July...
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Glenn Greenwald
On Obama's Cancellation of Summit with Putin and Extradition
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Sam Pizzigati
Blowing the Whistle on the 'Charitable-Industrial Complex'
Inequality has a silver lining. At least the awesomely affluent think so. If we didn’t have grand fortunes, their claim goes, we wouldn’t have grand philanthropy. No foundations and handsome bequests...
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Brendan Fischer
ALEC's 40th Anniversary Agenda: Fracking, Virtual Schools, Privatization, and More
CHICAGO -- This week, the corporate and legislator members of the American Legislative Exchange Council are meeting at the swank Palmer House hotel in Chicago to celebrate the organization's 40th...
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Sanjay Jolly
Low-Power Radio: A Chance to Start Listening Locally
The world of radio is experiencing a shake-up. The country’s second-biggest radio network recently announced it may cancel Rush Limbaugh’s show on 40 of its major-market stations.
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Mark Weisbrot
Snowden, Greenwald and Wikileaks Are Winning
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Peter Hart
Amazon, WilkiLeaks, the Washington Post and the CIA
So what does Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' decision to buy the Washington Post mean?
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Sonia Murrow, Robert Cohen
Who's Afraid of Zinn's Radical History?
A recent Associated Press expose—drawing on e-mails obtained under the Freedom of Information Act—revealed that in 2010, Mitch Daniels, then Indiana’s Republican governor, covertly set out to ban...
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Sarah Gold
A Familiar Script in Egypt
Many Egyptians and Western critics of the Muslim Brotherhood welcomed the military coup that recently toppled the country’s elected Brotherhood-led government, praising the military for safeguarding...
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Frances Moore Lappé
What Five-letter Word Can't You Live Without?
Here it is: Power . Now, quick, before reading further, close your eyes. What associations come to mind? If your list is full words like coercion, force, guns, oppression, domination, money , you...
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Michelle Chen
No Papers, No Fear: The ‘Dream 9' Make a Radical Stand
Nine young people are changing the way the country talks about immigration—not from the floor of Congress or a campaign podium, but from a detention center.
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Lauren Steiner
California's Fracking Regulatory Bill: Less Than Zero
A year after buying his dream home in Los Angeles, Gary Gless started falling down and breaking bones.
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