Views for 2013-08-06

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
John Kiriakou
Obama's Abuse of the Espionage Act is Modern-Day McCarthyism
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Jane Hamsher
Edward Snowden’s Wiki Entry Changed from ‘Dissident’ to ‘Traitor’ from US Senate IP Address
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Rev. John Dear
Remembering Hiroshima at Los Alamos, New Mexico
In 1981, while traveling in Europe, some friends and I visited Dachau, the Nazi concentration camp outside of Munich. Most of it was razed to the ground, but the original fences and barbed wire...
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Matthew Rothschild
Bezos, the Washington Post, and the Future of Journalism
The stunning news that Jeff Bezos of Amazon has bought the mighty Washington Post for $250 million has left the journalism world spinning dizzily. It is not only the end of an era for the Post and...
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Amitabh Pal
After Sikh Temple Killings, We Need To Take Hate Seriously
One year after the Sikh temple massacre in Oak Creek, Wis., we still aren’t grappling seriously enough with intolerance. The gunman who shot down six worshippers on Aug. 5, 2012, before turning his...
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Valerie Strauss
Five Absurdities about High-Stakes Standardized Tests
Barely a day goes by when the education world isn’t treated to some new story involving high-stakes standardized tests, the chief metric of “accountability systems” in the modern era of school reform.
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
A Debt-Free College Education
Last Wednesday — almost a month after Congress failed to prevent student loan rates from doubling — Democrats and Republicans reached a compromise that will keep rates low, at least temporarily, for...
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Richard Eskow
Detroit Is the Front Line
The campaign against Detroit is the latest battle in a long war against the American social contract. For that war to succeed, millions of Americans must be convinced to see their fellow citizens –...
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Lauren Carasik
Honduras: Where the Blood Flows and the Rivers are Dammed
It is all too easy for one’s eyes to glaze over at the headlines of yet another murder in Honduras, the country that earned the dubious moniker of the world’s murder capital. Forty-nine year-old...
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Adam Federman
Can Activists Win the PR Battle with the Fossil Fuel Industry?
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Tom Engelhardt
Spies Like Us: Imperial Surveillance in 21st Century America
Hey, let’s talk spying! In Surveillance America, this land of spookery we all now inhabit, what else is there to talk about?
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Medea Benjamin
10 Ways to Reduce the Threat of Terrorist Attacks on Americans
This 10-point plan would significantly reduce terrorist threats, save taxpayers billions of dollars and make Americans more loved and admired in the world. After a decade of wielding the military...
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John Nichols
Big Media Story Isn't Bezos and the Post, It's the RNC Threatening CNN, NBC
The big media story this week is not the purchase of The Washington Post by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. For as long as there have been newspapers, rich people have bought them as toys and tools.
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Robert Scheer
America's Legacy of Nuclear Terrorism
August 6 marks 68 years since the United States committed what is arguably the single gravest act of terrorism that the world has ever known. Terrorism means the deliberate targeting of innocent...
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Michael Boyle
President Obama's Disastrous Counterterrorism Legacy
When future historians look back on the presidency of Barack Obama, they will conclude that counterterrorism was the policy area with the biggest gap between the hopes of his supporters and reality...
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Mark Weisbrot
The More Nefarious US Foreign Policy, The More It Relies on Media Complicity
The US still has military spending that is higher in real, inflation-adjusted terms than it was during the peak of the Reagan cold war build-up, the Vietnam war and the Korean war. We seem to be in a...
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