Views for 2013-08-04

Sunday, August 4, 2013
Frida Berrigan
Saying No To Your Tiny Techie
I am old school. I got my first cell phone in 2003 and have not upgraded since. It is a flip phone that makes and receives calls, and sends and accepts text messages. Supposedly it has a camera, but...
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Phyllis Bennis
John Kerry’s Doomed Peace Process Is Deja Vu All Over Again
Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest foray into Middle East negotiations should be called the Einstein peace process. Doing the same thing over and over again and still expecting different results...
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Alex Kane
AIPAC Flexes Its Muscle on Iran and Egypt
The powerhouse Israel lobby group wants more sanctions on Iran and the continuation of U.S. military aid towards Egypt--and Congress has obliged. Over the past week, the American Israel Public...
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Robert Reich
Why Republicans Want Jobs to Stay Anemic
Job-growth is sputtering. So why, exactly, do regressive Republicans continue to say “no" to every idea for boosting it — even last week’s almost absurdly modest proposal by President Obama to...
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Jim Hightower
The "10 Percenters" – Who Are These People?
We Americans are now pretty clear on who makes up the 1-percent – the wealthiest elites who feel entitled to profit at the expense of us 99 percenters. But who the heck are the 10 percenters?
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Marian Wright Edelman
Teddy Bears, Toy Guns, and Real Guns
Imagine your kindergartner is visiting a new friend’s house. During the hour they are running around together they’ll pick up and play with all three of the following things, but only two of them...
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