Views for 2013-07-24

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Ralph Nader
Don't You Think It's Time for a Raise?
Thirty million Americans are making less today, adjusted for inflation, than they did 45 years ago in 1968!
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Seumas Milne
Britain's Royal Family: Cut This Anti-Democratic Dynasty Out of Politics
As a rule, progressive Britain prefers to ignore the monarchy. First, it's embarrassing: 364 years after we first abolished it and long after most of the rest of the world dispensed with such feudal...
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Alexander Abdo
The Amash Amendment: A Vital Shield from Unwarranted NSA Surveillance
There's an extremely important vote taking place in Congress Wednesday 24 July that, if successful, would shut down the program under which the NSA indiscriminately collects the phone records of...
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Ruth Conniff
The Rightwing Attack on Public Employee Pensions
The rightwing argument that public employees bankrupted Detroit is incredible on its face. But it is part of an ominous national push to raid pensions, give away tax dollars to corporations, and...
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Mary Bottari
The 'Other NRA,' the National Restaurant Association, Pushes Preemption of Paid Sick Days
Today, the feisty advocates at the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC), an organization founded in honor of the 73 employees of the Windows on the World restaurant who died on Sept. 11th, will be...
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Brendan Fischer
With Voting Rights Act in Shambles, North Carolina Kicks Voter Suppression Into High Gear
North Carolina Republicans have introduced a major overhaul of the state's election system, adding dozens of amendments to a voter ID bill that will authorize voter vigilantes, end election day...
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Tom Engelhardt
Planet Earth as a US Military Base
It could be any week on that great U.S.
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Kristin Wartman
The FDA: Working Hard to Protect Industry
The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) made two moves in recent days that seemingly address consumer concerns on some hot button issues. First, it banned the use of bisphenol A (BPA) based...
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Jim Hightower
Blessed Are the Rich
One thing I've come to value in the last couple of years is the altruism and keen economic insights of the fourth-richest man in America: Charles Koch. Even though Koch was raised rich and has now...
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Walden Bello
A Brewing Storm in the Western Pacific
A storm is brewing in the Western Pacific.
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Ramzy Baroud
Back to Square None: Netanyahu, Abbas to Resume ‘Peace Process’ that Never Was
The political peddlers, think-tank experts and media professionals are all back in full force. They want us to believe that US Secretary of State John Kerry has done what others have failed to do.
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Geoffrey Robertson
Edward Snowden's Fear of Flying Is Justified
As Edward Snowden sits in an airside hotel, awaiting confirmation of Russia's offer of asylum , it is clear that he has already revealed enough to prove that European privacy protections are a...
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