Views for 2013-07-21

Sunday, July 21, 2013
Patrick Cockburn
Germany Should Honor Its Debt and Offer NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Asylum
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Akira Kawasaki, Céline Nahory
Revision of Japan’s Peace Constitution – A Matter of Global Concern
Prime Minister Abe seems to govern Japan according to the country’s national slogan during the Meiji Era: Fukoku Kyohei or “Enrich the country; Strengthen the army”. Indeed, since his return to power...
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William Greider
Stop Larry Summers Before He Messes Up Again
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Kayla Williams
Food Stamps Helped Me Serve My Country. Don't Cut Them Now
I've eaten government food during two periods in my life: as a child and as a soldier. The first led to the second in more ways than one, and permanently influenced the way I look at food aid...
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Emma Pullman, Martin Lukacs
‘Nobody Understands’ Spills at Alberta Oil Sands Operation
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