Views for 2013-07-09

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Richard Wolff
How Capitalism's Great Relocation Pauperized America's 'Middle Class'
Detroit's struggle with bankruptcy might find some relief, or at least distraction, by presenting its desperate economic and social conditions as a tourist attraction. "Visit Detroit," today's...
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Michael Lee-Murphy
Oil and Blood in Lac-Mégantic
Oil and gas flow throughout the Canadian economy like blood through the body, powering the industries which depend on those resources. The blood of oil is pumped through the body of the country by...
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Josh Fox
An Open Letter to President Obama from Gasland Director Josh Fox
I write to request a meeting with you and families directly impacted by oil and gas drilling and fracking —as documented in Gasland Part II —together with a small group of scientists and engineers...
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Juan Cole
Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Calls for ‘Uprising’ as Plan for Elections is Announced
The killing of over 50 Egyptians outside the Republican Guards Barracks on Monday morning continued to roil the country on Monday, as the Freedom and Justice Party, the civil wing of the Muslim...
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Laura Murphy
Comey Hardly a Poster-Child for Civil Liberty
It had the air of Hollywood.
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Devon Carbado, Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw
Why We Can't Celebrate: Fight for Gay Rights Not Over
The recent Supreme Court decisions striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act and reaffirming the California Supreme Court’s rejection of the challenge to Proposition 8, the state ban on gay...
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Matthew Harwood
Counterterrorism in the Twilight Zone
The evangelical Christians of Greenville County, South Carolina, are afraid.
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Mark M. Jaycox
Questions for Comey: Former Top DOJ Attorney Who Oversaw NSA Spying Under Bush is Nominated to Become Next FBI Director
Current Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Robert Mueller’s term is expiring (again), and the Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing to question the nominee to replace...
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Julian Zelizer
The NSA Spies and Democrats Look Away
During the weeks of debates triggered by Edward Snowden and his release of information about a classified National Security Agency spying program, the story has moved further and further from the...
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Richard Eskow
Where the Hell Is the Outrage?
From the first breaths of life to the last, our lives are being stolen out from under us.
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John Atcheson
Pundits, Politics, and Plutocracy
There’s a new axis of evil in town consisting of: 1) the uber rich and powerful; 2) the massive lobbying/think tank/media establishment they fund; and 3) the politicians they’ve bought – from both...
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