Views for 2013-07-02

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Ahdaf Soueif
In Egypt, We Thought Democracy Was Enough. It Was Not
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Richard Falk
The Armed Forces Ultimatum and the Future of Egypt
General al-Sisi's Ultimatum On Monday General Abdel al-Sisi delivered the following ultimatum on Egyptian TV: that the government of President Mohamed Morsi had 48 hours "to respond to the people's...
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Richard Eskow
A Popular Movement For Higher Taxes? Now That Would Be a Story
“The American people are on our side,” says Rep. Keith Ellison, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. “The time is now.” Ellison was talking to a small group of writers and activists...
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Allison Kilkenny
BART Strike: Another Instance of Media Portraying Workers as Greedy
When teachers in Chicago went on strike last year, their demands sounded very reasonable.
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Robert Reich
The Republicans of the Supreme Court
In order to fully understand what the five Republican appointees on the Supreme Court have been up to when they make decisions that affect our democracy, as they did last week on voting rights, you...
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Tom Engelhardt
The Dictionary of the Global War on You (GWOY)
In the months after September 11, 2001, it was regularly said that “everything” had changed. It’s a claim long forgotten, buried in everyday American life. Still, if you think about it, in the decade...
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Linda McQuaig
Is Environmental Action Impossible in Corporate-Dominated Age?
Perhaps the only thing more stunning than Alberta’s ruinous flooding has been the realization that not even a disaster of this magnitude, right in the heart of oil country, seems sufficient to break...
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Nick Surgey
Keystone Academy: Where Legislators Learn the Etiquette of Serving Special Interests
In October 2012, nine U.S. state legislators went on an industry paid trip to explore the Alberta tar sands. Publicly described as an "ALEC Academy," documents obtained by CMD show the legislators...
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Rainey Reitman
Restore the Fourth Campaign Organizes Protests Against Unconstitutional Surveillance
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Randall Amster
Line of Fire: Finding Resilience in Times of Crisis
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Edward Snowden
Letter to the President and People of Ecuador
The following is the full text of a letter by Edward Snowden to the President of Ecuador , Rafael Correa .
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Medea Benjamin
How You [and President Obama] Can Close Guantanamo Prison
Yesterday, July 1, marked the first day in office for Clifford Sloan, newly appointed Guantanamo closure envoy.
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