Views for 2013-07-01

Monday, July 1, 2013
Edward Snowden
Statement from Edward Snowden in Moscow
One week ago I left Hong Kong after it became clear that my freedom and safety were under threat for revealing the truth. My continued liberty has been owed to the efforts of friends new and old,...
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Reza Marashi
Parsing Rouhani’s Victory in Iran
The election of Hassan Rouhani as Iran’s next president has elicited different interpretations in Washington. To some, Iranian officials from both sides of the political spectrum are cut from the...
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Cecile Richards
Dispatch from Austin
The Texas Legislature is back at the Capitol today, trying to pass a bill that would wipe out access to safe and legal abortion for millions of women in the state.
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Carina Ray
Obama’s Africa Trip Needs Policy Overhaul
Critics of President Obama’s trip to Africa are focusing on the wrong issue.
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Becca Cadoff
Stand with Texas Women
Last week, when Wendy Davis stood for over 13 hours to filibuster a sweeping anti-abortion bill , some suggested that Davis is a modern Wonder Woman. Millions of us watched - proud, inspired,...
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Andrew Nikiforuk
Oh, Canada: How America's Friendly Northern Neighbor Became a Rogue, Reckless Petrostate
For decades, the world has thought of Canada as America's friendly northern neighbor -- a responsible, earnest, if somewhat boring, land of hockey fans and single-payer health care. On the big issues...
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Tierney Smith
Ocean Warming to Make Parts of the World "Uninsurable"
Ocean warming from climate change could make some parts of the world ‘uninsurable’, according to a new report ( pdf ) from global insurance trade body, the Geneva Association.
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Owen Davis
The Revolution Will Not Be Standardized
The ground under education reform is beginning to shift. Families, chafing under years of state and mayoral control, are demanding a return to democratic processes .
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Bill Quigley
Twelve True Patriots for July 4
On July 4, 1776, over fifty people signed the Declaration of Independence . They were openly resisting the legal authority of the King of England. Thousands joined them. They were outlaws. They were...
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Jim Naureckas
Chalk Another One Up to Free Speech Hypocrisy
Corporate media coverage of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has enjoyed the supposed irony of his reportedly seeking asylum in Ecuador, a country that U.S. journalists depict as failing to measure...
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Peter Van Buren
The Mindset of a Whistleblower and Snowden’s Long Flight
As a State Department whistleblower , I think a lot about Edward Snowden. I can’t help myself.
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Paul Buchheit
More Evidence That US Middle Class is Sliding Toward the Third World
A recent article by Les Leopold informed us that our nation is near the bottom of the developed world in median wealth, probably the best gauge for the economic strength of the middle class. The...
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Chris Hedges
Bowl Phone Sex: The Unnoticed Rebellions of the Oppressed
ELIZABETH, N.J.—I am drinking coffee and eating doughnuts in the backroom of a church in Elizabeth, N.J., with Gloria Blount, who has been in and out of Union County Jail over the years, Irene Pabey...
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Gary Younge
The US Supreme Court Thinks Racism Is Dead. It Isn't
In 1999 apartheid's last leader, FW de Klerk, explained to me his motivation for writing an autobiography. "I wanted people to look at our history in its proper time frame. The same mistakes that we...
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