Views for 2013-06-23

Sunday, June 23, 2013
John Richard Starkey
War Crimes: Baseball, Politics and the ‘Who’s-to-Blame’ Game
Can we hold baseball managers responsible when their teams underperform? Usually not. Terry Collins gets a pass while the Mets flounder: everybody knows a team with a largely triple-A lineup can’t...
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Robert Dodge
Surviving in a Nuclear Armed World: An Unexamined Assumption
President Obama speaking in Berlin on Wednesday took the first step in his 2nd term to address the world’s nuclear arsenals. He proposed negotiating the reduction of strategic nuclear weapons by up...
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Susan Sarandon
Colorado's Amendment 64 Was Just the Beginning
In 2012 I supported Amendment 64 in Colorado -- the "regulate marijuana like alcohol act." Amendment 64 is a common sense step toward ending the archaic prohibition mindset that has resulted in the U...
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Michelle Chen
Excluded from Federal Standards, California Home Aides Get Their Day in Court
When you don’t know who your boss is, whose fault is it when your paycheck never comes? A California court has just provided an answer to that predicament by allowing a worker to take the county...
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Jake Ellison
Why NASA’s Latest Photo of Alaska is Freaking People Out
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Nafeez Ahmed
Shale Gas Won't Stop Peak Oil, but Could Create an Economic Crisis
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This Really is Big Brother: The Leak Nobody's Noticed
This McClatchy piece (written by some of the same people who got the Iraq war run-up story so right while everyone else got it wrong) is as chilling to me as anything we've heard over the past few...
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