Views for 2013-06-21

Friday, June 21, 2013
Caroline Fraser
Megadrought in US Southwest: A Bad Omen for Forests Globally
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Greg Kaufmann
The Older Americans Act and US Seniors
Honoring our grandparents, our elders—in these divisive times, at least we hold this value in common, right? As children, we dutifully sat through long visits or lectures from older relatives,...
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Nan Aron
Another Brick in the Wall: Supreme Court Shields Corporations From the Law (As Usual)
Brick by brick, a wall of protection is being erected around large, powerful corporations to ensure that they never have to be held accountable for their actions or inconvenienced by the legal system...
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Gary Younge
Is Obama Worse Than Bush? That's Beside the Point
Not long after the story into the National Security Administration's spying program broke, US president Barack Obama insisted the issues raised were worthy of discussion :
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Roman Collins, Laura Bonham
Lochnerized: Corporations have Constitutional Rights. Unions? Not So Much
When judicial rulings create law, it’s commonly known as judicial activism." Lochnerizing " is when the courts invalidate democratically enacted laws while granting corporations constitutional rights...
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Ralph Nader
Corporatizing National Security: What It Means
Privacy is a sacred word to many Americans, as demonstrated by the recent uproar over the brazen invasion of it by the Patriot Act-enabled National Security Agency (NSA). The information about...
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Sarah Jaffe
When There’s a Fee to Get Your Pay
In the years since the financial crisis struck in 2008, it’s often been pointed out that gains for bankers have gone hand in hand with losses for workers.
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David Sirota
Humanity's Oldest Story
This is a tale of two presidents — the one we hope we have and the one we actually have.
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Matt Stannard
Why Cities Should Use Public Banks Instead of Big Banks
Of all the public entities that have fallen victim to the big bank-induced economic downturn, cities have the most compelling stories of being burned. If “all politics is local,” this is even more...
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Dan Schneider
School Data Profiteering
When you were a kid and got in trouble at school, did they ever threaten to “put it in your permanent record?” That’s a scary prospect, knowing that the information could be seen forever by anyone...
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