Views for 2013-06-14

Friday, June 14, 2013
Shaker Aamer
My Fight for Justice in Guantánamo
Here I am in Guantánamo Bay. I was meant to be a Muslim extremist, one of the "worst of the worst" , according to the former United States defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
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Marcia Mitchell
Katharine Gun and the Deja Vu of NSA Secret Ops
“It’s déjà vu all over again.” It was Yogi Berra’s classic observation in 1947, and one eminently appropriate for Edward Snowden more than a half century later. Only the subject now is NSA secret...
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Pratap Chatterjee
Investigate Booz Allen Hamilton, Not Edward Snowden
Military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton of McLean, Virginia, has shot into the news recently over two of its former employees: Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who has just revealed the extent of US...
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Bob Dreyfuss
Obama Tumbles Down Syria's Slippery Slope
Here’s the thing about a slippery slope: sometimes you maintain your footing and don’t go tumbling down, and sometimes you slip and slide right into disaster. With the apparent decision to arm the...
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Jay Rosen
"Politics: Some" and "Politics: None," Two Ways to Excel in Political Journalism
I offer one observation about the story that has consumed the worlds of journalism and politics for the last eight days: leaks describing how vast is the United States government’s electronic...
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Derek Monroe
What's Not on the Ballot in Iran
As Iran's presidential election approaches with the speed of an out-of-control train, its passengers are certainly curious about who's going to be the next conductor.
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Glenn Greenwald
On PRISM, Partisanship and Propaganda
I haven't been able to write this week here because I've been participating in the debate over the fallout from last week's NSA stories, and because we are very busy working on and writing the next...
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Robert Reich
The Two Centers of Unaccountable Power in America, and Their Consequences
There are two great centers of unaccountable power in the American political-economic system today — places where decisions that significantly affect large numbers of Americans are made in secret,...
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John Nichols
Peter King Goes All 1798 on the Bill of Rights
New York Congressman Peter King, with his call for the prosecution of journalist Glenn Greenwald, recalls a long and dishonorable American tradition. Never mind that, as The Washington Post notes,...
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Ray McGovern
Secrecy’s Tangled Web of Deceit
The name card at the Senate hearing read, “Hon. General Keith B. Alexander,” but layering on the extra honorific title was not enough to change the sad reality that the National Security Agency’s...
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Jill Filipovic
America's Private Prison System is a National Disgrace
The privatization of traditional government functions – and big government payments to private contractors – isn't limited to international intelligence operations like the National Security Agency...
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Peter Dörrie
Ready for More Interventions in Africa? Obama is
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Greg Kaufmann
Congress Turns Its Back on Rural America
For fifteen years in Neodesha, Kansas (population 2,486) there were only two options for early childhood education services in town: a program for at-risk 4-year-olds operated by the school district...
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