Views for 2013-06-09

Sunday, June 9, 2013
Griffin Bur
Chicago Demands Justice for Wal-Mart Workers
Roughly 100 supporters, union members and Wal-Mart employees gathered in downtown Chicago Friday to voice their demands that the company change the treatment of its workers.
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Michele Simon
How Grassroots Advocates Beat the Biotech and Food Lobbies
This week, Connecticut won the honor of becoming the first state to pass a law requiring genetically engineered foods to be labeled. (The governor has indicated he will sign.) It was really only a...
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Amitabh Pal
Obama Shouldn’t Have Chosen Susan Rice
Susan Rice will bring considerable baggage to her role as National Security Adviser.
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Peter Scheer
Obama Should Have Given Americans a Choice
President Obama defended the government’s massive surveillance programs Friday, saying they “help us prevent terrorist attacks.”
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David Sirota
Rethinking American Exceptionalism
“American exceptionalism” is perhaps the most misunderstood phrase in politics. If, like the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, we define “exceptionalism” as “the condition of being different from the norm...
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César Chelala
Mental Health: A Global Disability
On a global scale, the magnitude of undiagnosed and unaddressed mental health problems continues to be high. It is estimated that 120 million people globally suffer from depression, 50 million from...
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