Views for 2013-06-07

Friday, June 7, 2013
Harvey Wasserman
San Onofre is Dead and So Is Nuclear Power
From his California beach house at San Clemente, Richard Nixon once watched three reactors rise at nearby San Onofre. As of June 7, 2013, all three are permanently shut. It’s a monumental victory for...
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Ben Wizner, Jay Stanley
Why the Government Wants Your Metadata
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Yves Smith
NYT Gives Damning-With-Faintest-Praise-Possible Profile of Glenn Greenwald After Surveillance Scoops
The Grey Lady roused itself to profile Glenn Greenwald after his blockbuster stories of the last two days: the first on a secret court order now in effect for Verizon to provide the NSA on all...
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David Cole
Secret NSA Program Gives the Agency Unprecedented Access to Private Internet Communications
What you don’t know can hurt you, it turns out. In back-to-back revelations this week, Americans learned that their electronic communications are subject to massive monitoring by the National...
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Glenn Greenwald
On Whistleblowers and Government Threats of Investigation
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Robert Naiman
In Yemen, Let's Redeem President Obama's War on Terror Reform Speech
Have you ever gotten on a boat or a train when you didn't have exactly the right ticket for that boat or that train at that particular time? True confessions: I have. The situation requires a certain...
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John Buell
Cyprus and the Quest for Safe Havens
As the European financial crisis waxes and wanes, one hears a familiar refrain in the business press and on such business-boosting media as CNBC. When the risk of default in Greece or Spain appears...
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Guardian Editorial
Civil liberties: American Freedom on the Line
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Norman Solomon
The Bill of Rights Exists: An Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein
Dear Senator Feinstein:
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