Views for 2013-05-28

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Robert Scheer
Congress Still Puts Out for Wall Street
What does it take to make a Wall Street banker squirm with shame? Not content with having swindled tens of millions of Americans out of their homes and life savings, the very bankers who caused the...
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Peter Hart
Did Obama's Speech Really 'Narrow' the War?
If you followed the coverage of President Barack Obama's May 23 speech at the National Defense University, you would think something big happened to the "war on terror." Specifically, its scope was...
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Dana Nuccitelli
97% Global Warming Consensus Meets Resistance from Scientific Denialism
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Linda Christensen
Burning Tulsa: The Legacy of Black Dispossession
None of my mostly African American 11th graders in Portland had ever heard of the so-called Tulsa Race Riot, even though it stands as one of the most violent episodes of dispossession in U.S. history.
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Jeff Bryant
Why America Needs An Education Spring
Well, someone in the mainstream media finally had to ask the question.
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Christopher Dietrich
Add Morality to List of Drone Victims
The awkward balance that President Barack Obama tried to strike between morality, law, and national security with Thursday’s drone speec h reveals the major flaw in our era’s opaque “war on terror.”...
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Richard Eskow
Health Care’s Forgotten Crisis: Families Can’t Afford Medical Care
The real healthcare battle in this country isn’t the one being fought over the bill everyone now calls “Obamacare.” In fact, it’s not a battle between Republicans and Democrats at all. The real...
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Moira Herbst
The Bank Bailout Cost US Taxpayers Nothing? Think Again
Last week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report (pdf) with what seemed like good news: the bailout of 2008 – which fronted $700bn in taxpayer funds to prop up the financial...
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Wendell Potter
Help Health Care Advocate Donna Smith Get the Care She Needs—And Pay the $855 Aetna Is Demanding
CD editors' note: Our friend Donna Smith, featured in this article, has been a tireless advocate for health care reform since before she first became a frequent contributor to our site in 2008. We...
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Robert Reich
Beware Capitalist Tools
Forbes Magazine likes to call itself a “capitalist tool,” and routinely offers tool-like justifications for whatever it is that profit-seeking corporations want to do. Recently it has deployed its...
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Andrew Bacevich
Naming Our Nameless War: How Many Years Will It Be?
For well over a decade now the United States has been “a nation at war.” Does that war have a name?
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Kathy Kelly
'Resist These Dark Times': Advice from an Afghan Mother and Activist
When she was 24 years old, in 1979, Fahima Vorgetts left Afghanistan. By reputation, she had been outspoken, even rebellious, in her opposition to injustice and oppression; and family and friends,...
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John Atcheson
In Memoriam: Putting American Democracy on Sale
Well, another Memorial Day has come and gone. Another day when we were supposed to remember those who gave their lives to preserve our democracy by working ourselves into a shopping frenzy to get...
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Rachel Smolker, Almuth Ernsting
Climate Crisis: Radical Action or a New Battlefront in the War on Nature?
Will declaring a ‘climate emergency’ help to finally prompt radical action to address climate change? A growing number of campaigners as well as scientists think so and hope that a major wakeup call...
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