Views for 2013-05-24

Friday, May 24, 2013
Medea Benjamin
Exclusive: Why I Spoke Out at Obama's Foreign Policy Speech
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David Callahan
Why Liberals Need Radicals
The Nation has an interesting cover story this week by a young radical named Bhaskar Sunkara, an editor at In These Times and a founder of Jacobin, a new neo-Marxist magazine.
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Richard Schiffman
Congressman Quotes Jesus in Bid to Gut Food Stamps
GOP Congressman Stephen Fincher is on a mission from God. He wants to drastically cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, otherwise known as food stamps, for 47 million of our poorest...
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Lauren Carasik
Justice Postponed in Guatemala
In a conviction that initially reassured observers around the world, former Guatemalan dictator José Efraín Ríos Montt, was found guilty on May 10 of genocide and crimes against humanity. He was the...
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Amy Goodman
Another Memorial Day in This Endless War
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Greg Kaufmann
Homeowners Take the Foreclosure Fight to the DOJ
Gisele Mata of Whittier, California, never considered herself a political activist. Other than making some calls on behalf of President Obama during the 2012 campaign, her focus was on her work,...
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Dave Johnson
Another Bridge Falls — Fixing Infrastructure Fixes Jobs And Deficits
Another aging highway bride falls , cars and people in the water… This problem was well-known and urgent years ago!
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Laura Flanders
Justice for Patriot Mineworkers?
Remember the phrase “good union job”? In contrast to the contingent fragile world of retail, service and fast food, a good union job is the sort union coal miners have.
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Kate Davies
Will the Environmental Health Movement Compromise on Chemical Safety Reform?
On Wednesday , the Chemical Safety Improvement Act (2013) was introduced in the Senate. It is the latest attempt to overhaul the antiquated and ineffective Toxic Substances Control Act (1976). What...
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Joe Uehlein, Jeremy Brecher
What Does 400 PPM Mean for American Labor?
In 1940, as Nazi armies marched across Europe, United Automobile Workers Union (UAW) president Walter Reuther made a stunning proposal: Retool the Depression-ravaged auto industry to build 500 planes...
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Matthew Rothschild
In Drone Speech, Obama Gets Slippery on Killing US Citizens
President Obama has an eerie and alarming ability to detach himself from his own dubious actions.
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Saul Landau
Take Syria Seriously—And Stay Out
Syria’s civil war has inspired some in Congress and in the media. Stupidity or insanity? Some people don’t learn from past mistakes. Why start another body count in a Middle East conflict with no...
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