Views for 2013-05-22

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Dave Zirin
Rahm Emanuel’s Zombie Pigs vs. Chicago’s Angry Birds
My kids are into Angry Birds, a game they love for the same reason I once obsessively played Super Mario Brothers: its appeal is incomprehensible to the adults around them.
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Ralph Nader
Flood of Exposés, But Mass Movement Remains Stalled
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Beverly Bell, Tory Field
From Field to Table: Rights for Workers in the Food Supply Chain
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Sandra Steingraber
The Discontent of Our Winter
My children have snow anxiety. For the record, this started in the winter of 2011–12 when no snow fell—at all—and sleds, saucers, skis, and snowball makers sat dejectedly on the porch, unused, next...
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Matt Taibbi
Deja Vu on the Hill: Wall Street Lobbyists Roll Back Finance Reform, Again
It's becoming an annual tradition: Spring rolls around, and while nobody is looking, Wall Street quietly lays siege to Washington and reaches a hand out to yank the last remaining teeth out of the...
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Gabe Rottman
Justice Department's Overreaching on Leaks Threatens Freedom of the Press
A week after the Department of Justice notified the Associated Press that it had secretly seized records for more than 20 phone lines in a leak investigation, The Washington Post uncovered an...
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Richard Eskow
What’s Wrong With Jamie Dimon is What’s Wrong With America
A lot of people have attacked JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon over the years, including this author.
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Jeffrey Bachman
President Obama Loves Leaks, Despises Whistleblowers
With the revelation that the Department of Justice secretly obtained two months of The Associated Press’ telephone records and used security badge access records to track James Rosen’s visits to the...
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Michelle Chen
Farmworkers Fight Wendy’s, the ‘Last Holdout’ on Fair Food
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