Views for 2013-05-21

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Sharon Stapel
America has a Fundamental Problem with People Who Hate Gay People
New York City is the heart of America's "melting pot" of cultures and ideas. Yet even here, violence against those seen as "other" occurs. This week we mourn the brutal death of Mark Carson , a 32-...
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Mattea Kramer, Jo Comerford
How America Became a Third World Country (2013-2023)
The streets are so much darker now, since money for streetlights is rarely available to municipal governments. The national parks began closing down years ago. Some are already being subdivided and...
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Lori Wallach
A 'Legislative Laxative': On Fast-Tracking, Democracy, and Free Trade
What do a zombie, handcuffs, a steamroller and a legislative luge run for job-killing trade agreements all have in common? They're all apt metaphors of an expired, scandalously anti-democratic...
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Kathy Kelly
Afghan Voices Tell the Tales of Human Lives Cut Short by US War
KABUL—Since 2009, Voices for Creative Nonviolence has maintained a grim record we call the “ The Afghan Atrocities Update ” which gives the dates, locations, numbers and names of Afghan civilians...
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Cindy Cohn, Trevor Timm
5 Overlooked Lessons From the AP Subpoena Controversy and Other Leak Investigations
The journalism world has been rightly outraged by the Justice Department dragging the Associated Press (and now a Fox News reporter ) into one of its sprawling leak investigations.
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Murtaza Hussain
An Increasingly Unchecked Surveillance State
The most egregious rights violations tend to happen against the voiceless; those who have neither the platform nor resources to articulate their grievances to the broader world.
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Husain Abdulla
In Bahrain, An Uprising Unabated
More than two years after peaceful demonstrators took to the streets to demand reforms, Bahrain’s uprising has not abated. Activists and opposition groups continue to demand the basic human rights...
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Seth Freed Wessler
Homeowners to Eric Holder: Hold Banks Accountable
Homeowners and former homeowners rallied in front of the Department of Justice Monday to demand the Attorney General Eric Holder hold banks accountable for foreclosures. The groups are asking the...
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Dave Johnson
The Latest Lie: IRS Targeted Conservatives
Remember the video of the guy in the “pimp costume” who got advice from ACORN employees on how to run his prostitution ring? Turns out the whole story was just a lie, a doctored-video smear job on an...
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Matthew Rothschild
Think the IRS Was Bad? Try the Spying on Occupy Activists
With all the hullabaloo over the IRS’s special scrutiny of Tea Party groups, a far worse case of political meddling and governmental overreach has been going on: The spying on leftwing activists in...
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Judith Schwartz
For Climate Solution, Look to the Ground
Late last week the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere crossed the 400 parts per million (ppm) threshold. From a climate standpoint this is alarming, and points to the urgency of...
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