Views for 2013-05-02

Thursday, May 2, 2013
Ramzy Baroud
Boston, Brazil and Islam: Irrational Rhetoric, Illegal Wars
During his talk sponsored by the New American Foundation in March 2008, author Parag Khanna addressed the rising challenges facing the US's global hegemony. According to Khanna, China and the...
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Laura Carlsen
US Efforts to Block Democracy in Venezuela Harm Hemispheric Relations
The U.S. government stands alone among major world governments in refusing to recognize the results of the recent Venezuelan presidential election. The petulant position of the Obama administration...
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Amy Davidson
A Hundred Hungry Men at Guantánamo
Is Guantánamo falling?
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Naomi Klein
Time for Big Green to Go Fossil Free
The movement demanding that public interest institutions divest their holdings from fossil fuels is on a serious roll. At last count, there were active divestment campaigns on 305 campuses and in...
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Sadhbh Walshe
Loaded: How Gun Manufacturers and the NRA Capitalize on Tragedy
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Peter Hart
Syria and the "Red Line" Nonsense
Late last week came news that the some U.S. intelligence believes, with low to moderate confidence, that chemical weapons–possibly sarin–was used in Syria. There were, as Jim Naureckas pointed out ,...
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Ellen Cantarow
The Downwinders: Fracking Ourselves to Death in America
More than 70 years ago, a chemical attack was launched against Washington State and Nevada. It poisoned people, animals, everything that grew, breathed air, and drank water.
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Amy Goodman
Pregnant Anti-War Soldier Sent to Prison
“Ultimately, the success of the nation depends on the character of its citizens.” So said George W. Bush in his speech at the dedication of his presidential library in Texas last week. The library...
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Juan Cole
Why Not To Intervene in Syria
After President Obama’s remarks about chemical weapons use in Syria, many newspaper articles appeared suggesting that he was rethinking his opposition to US involvement there. They were wrong, and...
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Richard Eskow
Repeal the Sequester – And the Insanity Behind It
Sure, we urgently need to repeal the sequester. (You can tell your Representative that here .) But it’s even more important to repeal the insane thinking that led to the sequester.
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Trevor Timm, Mark Jaycox
Questions the Senate Should Ask At Today's Briefing on the Aaron Swartz Prosecution
Today, the Justice Department will brief the Senate Judiciary staff on the prosecution of the late activist and Internet pioneer Aaron Swartz, who died in January.
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