Views for 2013-05-01

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Joseph Nevins
From the I-Word to the I-Deed
On April 2, the Associated Press announced that it would no longer sanction the term “illegal immigrant” or use “illegal” to describe persons living in a country without authorization.
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Glenn Greenwald
A Young Yemeni Writer on the Impact and Morality of Drone-Bombing His Country
Ibrahim Mothana is a 24-year-old Yemeni writer and activist.
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Jessica Valenti
Hey, FDA: Drop the Plan B Age Restriction
Yesterday, the FDA announced that it will make Plan B—also known as emergency contraception (EC) or the morning after pill—available over the counter to women older than 15 years old who can prove...
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Oscar Chacon, Amy Shannon
Immigration Reform in 2013 and Beyond
With a handful of legislators finally beginning to tackle the broken U.S. immigration system, immigration reform is back on the front page in the United States for the first time this decade. But it...
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Jodi Jacobson
Administration Again Fails on Over-the-Counter Emergency Contraception
Today, in a proposal that can best be described as adding insult to injury, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved making emergency contraception (EC) available over-the-counter for teens...
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Jim Hightower
George W Bush's $250 Million Can of Whitewash
Big doings in Big D — the George W. Bush Presidential Library is open for business!
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Tom Engelhardt
Eduardo Galeano: A Storyteller for the Planet
[A bow to Eduardo Galeano on the publication of his new book Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History . Excerpts from the book can be read by
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Laura Finley
International Workers Day: A Reminder of US Progress on Workers' Rights
May 1 is International Workers Day. It is a day to be reminded that “just and favorable” work conditions, “equal pay for equal work,” workplaces “free of discrimination,” and “protection against...
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Javier Rojo
Build a Nation, Not a Fence
As I looked onto the tens of thousands of people proudly waving American flags at April’s immigration rally in Washington, D.C., I couldn’t help but think of my immigrant parents. Both of my parents...
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Greg Kaufmann
Banks on the Run and the Homeowners Underwater
You can’t talk about poverty without talking about the practices of the big banks, including their continuing refusal to stem the foreclosure crisis through mortgage principal reductions.
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Valerie Strauss
Extreme Common Core Rhetoric Clouds Serious Debate
The Common Core State Standards initiative was started with bipartisan support. But new and often nonsensical criticism from right-wing Republicans is making it seem as if the Core is a partisan...
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Robert Scheer
Google’s Spymasters Are Now Worried About Your Secrets
A recent article in The Wall Street Journal by Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, “The Dark Side of the Digital Revolution,” makes for very scary reading. It is not so much because of what he...
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Norman Solomon
Don’t Vent, Organize—And “Primary” a Democrat Near You
Progressives often wonder why so many Republican lawmakers stick to their avowed principles while so many Democratic lawmakers abandon theirs. We can grasp some answers by assessing the current...
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