Views for 2013-04-27

Saturday, April 27, 2013
Glenn Greenwald
Bradley Manning is Off Limits at SF Gay Pride Parade, but Corporate Sleaze is Embraced
News reports yesterday indicated that Bradley Manning , widely known to be gay, had been selected to be one of the Grand Marshals of the annual San Francisco gay pride parade, named by the LGBT Pride...
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Eric Margolis
The Nuclear New-Boy we Should be Watching is India
While the United States beats the war drums over North Korea and Iran’s long-ranged nuclear armed missiles –which they don’t even possess – Washington remains curiously silent about the arrival of...
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Puck Lo
Arch Coal Denied Permission to Blow Up West Virginia Mountain
A subsidiary of Arch Coal of St. Louis, Missouri, has been denied permission to dump nearly three billion cubic feet of dirt into local headwater streams after blowing up a mountain in West Virginia...
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Christopher Brauchli
Legislative Amusements
Good government obtains when those who are near are made happy, and those who are far off are attracted. — Confucious, The Confucian Analects
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Michelle Chen
Factory Collapse in Bangladesh Shows Cracks in the System
There are few ways to make a decent living in Bangladesh, but there are many ways to die trying.
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Bruce Dixon
US & France Intervene in Mali To Protect Land & Resource Grabs, Not Because of Al Qeda
On March 15, former General and AFRICOM commander Carter F.
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Harvey Wasserman
Los Angeles to San Onofre: "Not So Fast!"
A unanimous Los Angeles City Council has demanded the Nuclear Regulatory Commission conduct extended investigations before any restart at the San Onofre atomic power plant. The move reflects a deep-...
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