Views for 2013-04-17

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
David Cole
Responding to Terror
The April 15 bombing of the finish line at the Boston Marathon has triggered—and will continue to trigger—a series of state responses.
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Berklee Lowrey-Evans
Lessons from the Goldman Prize Winners
Last night I attended my sixth Goldman Environmental Prize Ceremony, and I was once again refreshed and inspired. Inspired by the individual stories of sacrifice and determination. Inspired by the...
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Jim Hightower
Saving Our Ravaged Planet... and Ourselves
Earth Day cometh — the 43rd year of this national focus on the state of our globe. So, how is Earth doing? Should we be weeping ... or cheering? Both.
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Richard Eskow
“Divide and Lose”: A Bad Democratic Strategy For Social Security
If some pundits have their way, the new blueprint for the Democratic Party will pit generation against generation and ethnicity against ethnicity, fragmenting us into ever-smaller social groups...
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Jennifer Norris
A Legacy of Rogues in Afghanistan
Americans who left Zero Dark Thirty thinking that the dark stain of torture is behind us should be cautioned by the U.S. exit strategy in Afghanistan.
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Kurt Opsahl, Rainey Reitman
CISPA Goes to The Floor for a Vote, Privacy Amendments Blocked
Yesterday, the US House prepared for the debate on the privacy-invading "cybersecurity" bill called CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. The rules committee hearing was the last...
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Seumas Milne
It's Time To Bury Not Just Thatcher – But Thatcherism
They have only themselves to blame. Protests were always likely at any official sendoff for the most socially destructive prime minister in modern British history.
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Marcy Wheeler
Even Bipartisan Conventional Wisdom Report Says It Was Torture
The Constitution Project has released a major report on the government’s torture program. You can download the report here .
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Jeremiah Goulka
Shell Shock Lite: On Almost Getting PTSD in Iraq
I was one nightmare short of PTSD. It didn’t take much, that’s what surprised me. No battles. No dead bodies. I spent just three and a half weeks as a contractor in Iraq, when the war there was at...
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Sarah Anderson, Scott Klinger
Corporate Tax Dodgers: 10 Companies and Their Tax Loopholes
As the budget battles in Washington continue, corporations have stepped into the fray with some of the most aggressive lobbying we’ve seen in years – calling for cuts to corporate tax rates, a...
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Bianca Jagger
Deadly Sins in the Brazilian Amazon
The controversial Belo Monte Dam, which is under construction on the Xingu River in the Brazilian state of Pará, is roughly twenty percent completed.
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Norman Solomon
The Orwellian Warfare State of Carnage and Doublethink
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