Views for 2013-04-10

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Katrina vanden Heuvel
'There Are Now States Where It's Not Safe to Be a Woman'
Chalk another one up for the extremists. Three weeks after Arkansas’ legislature overrode a veto and prohibited most second trimester abortions, North Dakota’s Governor signed into law a ban that...
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Alleen Brown
At Occupy the DOE, A Push for Democratic, Not Corporate, Education Reform
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Pamela Olson
Forget SodaStream, Help Palestinian Workers by Boycotting Settlements and Ending the Occupation
I've heard this already a couple times on my book tour: "Hey, we shouldn't boycott settlement goods. It'll hurt job prospects for Palestinians!"
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Janet Redman, Antonio Tricarico
Wall Street's Climate Finance Bonanza
Government officials from an elite group of developed countries meeting in Washington, D.C. at the invitation of U.S. climate envoy Todd Stern appear to be on the brink of instigating yet another...
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Robert Reich
Bi-Partisanship We Don’t Need: The President Offers to Cut Social Security and Republicans Agree
John Boehner, Speaker of the House, revealed why it’s politically naive for the President to offer up cuts in Social Security in the hope of getting Republicans to close some tax loopholes for the...
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William Pfaff
Anonymous Murder from a Safe Distance
PARIS -- War is war and murder is murder. The law draws the distinction. The American armed drone is a weapons system of war, not of policemen. And even if it were a police weapon (as it may, one...
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Ted Rall
Hillary Clinton's One-Woman Affirmative Action Program
The last few weeks have seen a full-court press by MSNBC and other Democratic media organs to either — one can't be sure which, but it's definitely one or the other – promote Hillary Clinton as the...
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Jim Hightower
Where's the Cop on the Wall Street Beat?
Bankers gone wild! Let's tally some of their crimes:
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Norman Solomon
Time to Bell the Obama Cat
The story goes that some mice became very upset about the cat in the house and convened an emergency meeting. They finally came up with the idea of tying a bell around the cat’s neck, so the...
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Inna Shevchenko
We Are Femen, The Naked Shock Troops of Feminism
You can hear us shouting "Fuck off, dictator!", "I'm not your sex toy!", or "Religion is slavery!" You can see our half-naked bodies facing Berlusconi, Putin or the Pope.
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Robert Borosage
The President’s Budget: A Misguided Mission Statement
Today, the president releases his budget for fiscal year 2014, the year that begins this October. Commentators and advocates will pour over its disparate parts, although the White House has already...
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