Views for 2013-03-28

Thursday, March 28, 2013
Ralph Nader
How Big Corporations Are Unpatriotic
Many giant profitable U.S. corporations are increasingly abandoning America while draining it at the same time.
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Amy Goodman
Edie Windsor’s Day in Court
The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments about same-sex marriage this week. On Tuesday, it was about the controversial California ballot initiative known as Prop 8, which has banned same-sex marriages...
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Donna Smith
Gun Violence, Health Care and the Destruction of American Lives
How could any of us see the photo of John Lennon’s blood covered eyeglasses released by Yoko Ono recently and not mourn the senseless gun related deaths numbering over a million souls since December...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Fun-Filled Ocean Resort at Guantánamo Bay
If you're looking for a fun activity-filled resort to take your family for a summer vacation, you simply cannot do better than Club GTMO, according to a new glossy travel guide just published by...
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Ana Marie Cox
The Supreme Court's Problem: How to Back America Out of Anti-Gay Bigotry
US Supreme Court observers groaned when the well-regarded and Peabody Award-winning put the chances of the supreme court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (Doma) at 80%. As far...
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Laura Flanders
Take the Oath: A Critic of Marriage Gets Teary
It’s inevitable. I’m thinking about marriage. Not only because of what’s been happening down in Washington, where the Supreme Court’s been hearing arguments on two marriage related cases. I’m...
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Ellen Brown
Think Cyprus Confiscation Scheme Can't Happen Here? Think Again
Confiscating the customer deposits in Cyprus banks, it seems, was not a one-off, desperate idea of a few Eurozone “troika” officials scrambling to salvage their balance sheets.
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Ruth Conniff
Bernie Sanders Takes on 'Too Big To Jail'
Senator Bernie Sanders challenged Attorney General Eric Holder in a speech on the Senate floor this week .
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Tom Engelhardt
Anniversaries from Hell and the Celebration of American Cowardice
It’s true that, last week, few in Congress cared to discuss , no less memorialize, the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Nonetheless, two anniversaries of American disasters and crimes abroad...
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Gary Younge
Arrests at Chicago Schools Protest
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Norman Solomon
Digital Grab: Corporate Power Has Seized the Internet
If your daily routine took you from one homegrown organic garden to another, bypassing vast fields choked with pesticides, you might feel pretty good about the current state of agriculture.
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Nick Turse
Tell It to the Dead: American Promises Buried in Iraq
In the lead-up to the war in Iraq, President George W. Bush made a promise. “The Iraqi people can be certain of this,” he said. “The United States is committed to helping them build a better future...
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Craig Aaron
Why the New Boss at the FCC Should Be Nothing Like the Old Boss
In announcing his departure as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski said: "The last four years have demonstrated that the country needs an effective FCC."
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