Views for 2013-03-26

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Katrina vanden Heuvel
The Corporate ‘Predator State’
Bipartisan agreement in Washington usually means citizens should hold on to their wallets or get ready for another threat to peace. In today’s politics, the bipartisan center usually applauds when...
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Sokari Ekine
We Need to Talk About Shit
We are born, we eat, we shit. And so it continues until we die. We talk about birth, about maternal health, reproductive rights. We definitely talk a great deal about food, but when it comes to...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Gay Marriage Snowball and Political Change
The US Supreme Court this morning is hearing oral argument in two cases challenging the constitutionality of laws that discriminate against same-sex couples. It is expected that the Court will at...
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Jim Naureckas
The Media Didn't Fail on Iraq; Iraq Just Showed We Have a Failed Media
The headline on a story ( " title="WaPo: On Iraq, journalists didn’t fail.
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Dahr Jamail
'Living with No Future': Iraqis in the Ten Year Wake of US War
Back then, everybody was writing about Iraq, but it’s surprising how few Americans, including reporters, paid much attention to the suffering of Iraqis. Today, Iraq is in the news again.
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Kristina Lapinski
The 6 Most Absurd Prop. 8 Briefs
Nine U.S. Supreme Court justices hear arguments today in the Proposition 8 case and in the Defense of Marriage Act case on Wednesday. For the past few weeks briefs have flowed into the Supreme Court...
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Desmond Tutu
Syria: The Failure of Our So-Called International Community
The massacre in Syria rages on and yet we stand idle.
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Richard Eskow
The '147 People' Destroying the US Economy
Can 147 people perpetuate economic injustice – and make it even worse? Can they subvert the workings of democracy, both abroad and here in the United States? Can 147 people hijack the global economy...
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Robin Marty
Arkansas Activists Eager to Fight for Reproductive Rights
Thunderstorms may have been looming, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of what was reported to have been hundreds of Arkansas reproductive rights supporters who gathered at the state capitol in...
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John Atcheson
Economics and the Twin Horsemen of the New Apocalypse
What is the purpose of the economy? When you get down to it, this is the question of our time. How we answer it determines whether we will be able to sustain civilization as we know it beyond the mid...
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Robert Reich
The Morality Brigade
We’re still legislating and regulating private morality, while at the same time ignoring the much larger crisis of public morality in America.
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