Views for 2013-03-15

Friday, March 15, 2013
Did You Know That The Chained-CPI Is Actually A Middle Class Tax Hike?
Did you know that? Yes, it is:
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William Greider
Break Up the Behemoth Banks
In olden days, it used to be that the bad guys robbed the banks. Now it seems the bad guys are running the banks, at least the big ones, and robbing the rest of us. Nearly every day, newspapers have...
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David Macaray
From the Folks Who Brought You NAFTA
Although there hasn’t been much mainstream news coverage, the U.S.
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Robert Kuttner
Grover Norquist’s Last Laugh
When President Obama got Republicans to raise taxes on the top one percent of income earners as part of the January deal that ended the threat of the fiscal cliff, some Democrats gloated that...
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Ilana Solomon
Does Fracking Make You Queasy? So Will The Trans-Pacific Trade Pact
Today, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced Japan’s intention to enter the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact (TPP). With Japan’s entry, the trade pact will now include 12 nations along the...
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Kevin Gosztola
Obama’s I’m-No-Dick-Cheney Standard for Government Secrecy
Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, upset about not being provided with memos containing the legal justification for targeted killing operations, such as drone strikes, was...
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Randall Amster
Monsanto: Patenting Death
Monsanto has yet another case pending in the court system, this time before the U.S. Supreme Court on the exclusivity of its genetically modified seed patents. Narrowly at issue is whether Monsanto...
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Manuel Pérez Rocha, Javier Rojo
NAFTA at 20: The New Spin
Only a few years ago, analysts were warning that Mexico was at risk of becoming a “ failed state .” These days, the Mexican government appears to be doing a much better PR job.
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Mark Weisbrot
What's Not to Like? It Raises Needed Revenues and Curbs the Beasts of Wall Street
Let’s get one thing straight: The United States doesn’t have a public debt problem.
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Matt Taibbi
Will J.P. Morgan Chase Be Torn a New One?
Beginning at 9:30 a.m. Friday, I'm going to be live-blogging a hearing held by Senator Carl Levin's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations – the best crew of high-end detectives this side of The...
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Yves Smith
Report Reveals JP Morgan as a Lying, Scheming Rogue Trader (Quelle Surprise!)
There is so much grist in the just-released Senate Permanent Subcommittee report on the JP Morgan London Whale trades that the initial reports are merely high level summaries, which is understandable...
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David A. Love
Why It's One Law for the Rich in America and McJustice for the Rest
With an historic vote in the state senate for repeal of that state's death penalty statute, Maryland is on track to become the 18th US state to abolish capital punishment .
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Jesse Hagopian
An Open Challenge to Michelle Rhee and the Corporate Education Zombies
Maybe I shouldn’t have stood up and said, “Welcome to Seattle,” while wearing my Garfield High School hoodie when Michelle Rhee took the stage at a recent Town Hall event in Seattle.
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