Views for 2013-03-14

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Robert Borosage
A Tale of Two Futures: Paul Ryan Against the Congressional Progressive Caucus
Budgets are pure EGO – eyes glaze over. But this week revealed two budgets – Rep.
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Rob Savillo
How Chris Hayes' Show Differs from Other Sunday Shows in One Chart
MSNBC is giving Chris Hayes the network's 8 p.m. primetime weekday slot beginning in April. Hayes' current program, Up with Chris Hayes , has provided a beacon of diversity compared to the Sunday...
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George Monbiot
Japan's 'Frozen Gas' Is Worthless If We Take Climate Change Seriously
There's only one way of knowing whether or not governments are serious about climate change : have they decided to leave most of their fossil fuel reserves in the ground? We have already discovered...
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Sarah Anderson
Inequality and the Social Security Debate
Rhonda Straw is one of millions of Americans who do important work every day but still have a hard time saving for retirement. As a home health aide, Straw administers medication, changes bandages,...
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Mark Morford
37 Percent of People Completely Lost
Six percent of Americans believe in unicorns. Thirty-six percent believe in UFOs. A whopping 24 percent believe dinosaurs and man hung out together. Eighteen percent still believe the sun revolves...
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Beverly Bell, Tory Field
Uprooting Racism in the Food System
A shovel overturned can flip so much more than soil, worms, and weeds. Structural racism - the ways in which social systems and institutions promote and perpetuate the oppression of people of color...
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Jill Richardson
True Colors Are to Dye For
A friend and I once tricked his kids on St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe “tricked” is too strong of a word for what we did: The festive green pasta we served was spinach fettuccine, but we didn’t admit that...
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William deBuys
Phoenix in the Climate Crosshairs
If cities were stocks, you’d want to short Phoenix.
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Amy Goodman
Starving for Justice at Guantanamo
Reports are emerging from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay that a majority of the prisoners are on a hunger strike. One hundred sixty-six remain locked up, although more than half of them...
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Margaret Kimberley
Rand Paul Exposes the Democrats
Republican Senator Rand Paul is a Kentucky conservative, and a proud Tea Party member. Paul publicly stated that he opposes the Civil Rights act of 1964, the legislation which at last gave some...
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César Chelala
UNICEF Criticizes Israel's Treatment of Palestinian Children
A new UNICEF report, “Children in Israeli Military Detention,” is sharply critical of Israel’s treatment of detained Palestinian children. According to UNICEF, 700 Palestinian children aged 12-17,...
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Valerie Strauss
The Day Teachers Said ‘No’ to Standardized Tests
It all started with one teacher who got fed up.
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Ralph Nader
The Cruel Gap Between CEO Pay and the Stagnant Minimum Wage
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Sami Ramadani
'Unmitigated Disaster': Iraq's Pain Has Only Intensified Since US-Led Invasion in 2003
It has always been painful for me to write about Iraq and Baghdad , the land of my birth and the city of my childhood. They say that time is a great healer, but, along with most Iraqis, I feel the...
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Robert Naiman
Camel's Nose: Let's Outlaw Drone Strikes in the United States
We have to start somewhere.
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