Views for 2013-03-09

Saturday, March 9, 2013
Frances Beinecke
To End Violence Against Women, We Must Also Confront Climate Change
Today is International Women’s Day, a time for celebrating women’s achievements and calling for greater equality. The United Nations has focused this year’s events on ending violence against women—...
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Robert Kuttner
When Public Is Better
Long before we thought of founding The American Prospect in 1989, I came to know Paul Starr through a prescient article titled “Passive Intervention.” The piece was published in 1979, in a now-...
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Dean Baker
Don't Be Fooled: 7.7% Is Likely a Short-Lived Low in the US Unemployment Rate
More than five years into the downturn, it doesn't take much to get people excited about the state of the economy. The Labor Department's February employment report showing the economy generated a...
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Murtaza Hussain
How the US Exported Its 'Dirty War' Policy to Iraq – with Fatal Consequences
In one of the fiery oratories for which he was well-known, the late Hugo Chávez once stated his belief that "the American empire is the greatest menace to our planet." While his detractors have often...
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Michelle Chen
Day Laborers Defend Their Right to Public Space in Court
Looking to hire someone for a little landscaping work or a construction job? There might be a local agency that can offer free security services to ensure that workers will work as hard as possible...
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Christopher Brauchli
Roberts, Scalia and Voters
The conformation of his mind was such that whatever was little seemed to him great, and whatever was great seemed to him little. — Thomas Babington, On Horace Walpole (1833)
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Greg Kaufmann
This Week in Poverty: American Winter
Since the beginning of the Great Recession, I’ve been waiting for a documentary to make the case that low-income people and the middle class are now in the same boat—that old distinctions people...
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Michael Shank
A Patriotic Fix for America’s Hunger Epidemic
One nation, underfed. That’s the tagline for the new film out by Participant Productions, entitled A Place at the Table , which looks at America’s growing hunger epidemic. Participant Media, which...
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