Views for 2013-03-08

Friday, March 8, 2013
Bianca Jagger
Women: The Unsung Heroes of the Environment
Yesterday I delivered the keynote speech at the exhibition, "Women Pioneers for the Environment and Nature Conservation - 1899 to the Present" in Berlin, Germany, organised by the German Federal...
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Glen Ford
The Sequestration Tango: Obama and GOP Dance Through the Graveyard of the New Deal
The Obama regime has been remarkably successful – in pushing forward a Republican agenda. Obama, especially, has “moved with such elegance and poise, his fans forgot that he was dancing with a...
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Ralph Nader
Why Are Democrats So Defeatist?
The Republicans are openly introspective about why they failed to regain the presidency and the Senate. It is time for the same kind of rigorous self-analysis by the Democrats, who floated through...
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Ann Jones
Afghan Women Face the Future
This is a personal story, and it’s hard to tell because nobody knows how it will end. I first went to Afghanistan in 2002, where I volunteered with two small nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)...
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Kade Crockford
Obama Must Reveal Legal Memos on His Administration's Drone Killing Program
The American public still does not know how the Obama administration legally justifies its vast killing program.
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Danielle Nierenberg
Honoring Women of the Food Movement on Int’l Women’s Day
Today is International Women’s Day – a day to recognize the steps that have been taken to improve gender equality and to acknowledge that much more needs to be done to level the playing field for...
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Michael Winship
Jack Lew, Citigroup and the Ugland Truth
Along with its sandy beaches and quality snorkeling, the Cayman Islands’ reputation as an offshore tax haven for corporations, banks and hedge funds has become so well-known its financial...
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Jodi Jacobson
The 18 For-Profit Companies Fighting to Eliminate the Birth Control Benefit
Eighteen for-profit companies have filed lawsuits to avoid complying with the the birth control benefit in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) , which requires that all insurance policies cover birth...
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Guy Edwards, Susanna Mage
Death of Hugo Chávez Gives Venezuela a Choice on Climate Change
Regardless of one's position on el Comandante Hugo Chávez , the death of the Venezuelan president opens the door for a policy debate on a critical issue for Venezuela and the world's security:...
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Robert Borosage
It's Official: Too Big to Fail Banks Are Too Big to Jail
For years, the Obama administration has been pummeled for failing to bring criminal charges against a single major Wall Street bank or a single leading Wall Street banker for what the FBI termed an "...
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Richard Eskow
A President Who’ll Cut Social Security – And Liberals Who Love Him Too Much
The spectacle of a supposedly liberal President repeatedly and needlessly trying to cut Social Security is enough to bring a reasonable, economically literate person to the point of existential...
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Sadhbh Walshe
How Long Will Voters Let Republicans Put the Rich Before Everyone Else?
We are nearly a week into the dreaded sequester and already there is reason to believe that the spending cuts that were designed to be so draconian and unpalatable that even the Republican party...
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Tom Engelhardt
Consulting the Zombies: Why We Invariably Turn to the “Experts” Who Were Never Right When It Comes to Iraq
We don’t get it. We really don’t. We may not, in military terms, know how to win any more, but as a soc
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Cenk Uygur
The 3 Real Problems With Drone Strikes
It's frustrating to see how muddled the debate over drones has become. Some people are wondering why we're all so concerned over a new vehicle that delivers bombs, as opposed to planes. No, no, that'...
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