Views for 2013-03-04

Monday, March 4, 2013
Murtaza Hussain
Why We Must Resist Netanyahu and the Hawks' Reckless Push for War on Iran
"If Iran were to acquire nuclear weapons , this could presage catastrophic consequences, not only for my country, and not only for the Middle East, but for all mankind … the deadline for attaining...
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Valerie Strauss
Big Outside Money Pouring Into L.A. School Board Races
Local school board races used to be decided by local voters, but not anymore, at least in Los Angeles. Tuesday’s elections have attracted millions of dollars from outsiders who have a stake in the...
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John Nichols
If Switzerland Can Crack Down on CEOs, Why Not the US?
Does anyone seriously doubt that, if America had the same national referendum system that Switzerland does, voters in the United States would vote just as aggressively as the Swiss have to curb CEO...
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Andy Stevenson
5 Reasons Why the State Department Gets Tar Sands Development Impacts Wrong in Keystone XL Review
The State Department issued its draft environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline on Friday. While this report was mainly an environmental review, the State Department's final conclusion that "...
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Chris Hedges
We Are Bradley Manning
I was in a military courtroom at Fort Meade in Maryland on Thursday as Pfc. Bradley Manning admitted giving classified government documents to WikiLeaks. The hundreds of thousands of leaked documents...
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Tom Engelhardt
Climate Change as History's Deal-Breaker
Two Sundays ago, I traveled to the nation’s capital to attend what was billed as “the largest climate rally in history” and I haven’t been able to get the experience -- or a question that haunted me...
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Desmond Tutu
Nuclear Weapons Must Be Eradicated for all Our Sakes
We cannot intimidate others into behaving well when we ourselves are misbehaving. Yet that is precisely what nations armed with nuclear weapons hope to do by censuring North Korea for its nuclear...
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Paul Buchheit
Horror Care: How Private Health Care Is Shortening Our Lives
Steven Brill's article in Time Magazine about the cost of private health care is likely to make most of his readers very angry.
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Afghan Peace Volunteers, Hakim
'We Are Those Two Afghan Children Killed by War'
Two young Afghan boys herding cattle in Uruzgan Province of Afghanistan were mistakenly killed by NATO forces last week. They were seven and eight years old.
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