Views for 2013-02-27

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Jo Comerford
Why Use a Bludgeon When a Calculator Will Do?
Sequestration is both ugly and hard to explain. As a budget wonk, I like to use this metaphor: It’s as if the American people are being squeezed into the back of a dilapidated Chevy pickup. Careening...
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Jill Richardson
We’re All Guinea Pigs
A few years ago, my world changed when I began dating a single dad whose youngest child was a toddler. Bonding with and loving his two kids has been the single most enriching and rewarding — and...
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Agnès Poirier
Stéphane Hessel Fought Injustice All His Great Life
"I hope France gives him a state funeral," said the waiter from my local cafe upon hearing the news. Stéphane Hessel, who died in Paris on Tuesday night , is the kind of man who inspires such awe.
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David Cole
The Roberts Court vs. Voting Rights
What happens when a Supreme Court ostensibly committed to judicial restraint confronts a long-standing civil rights statute that offends its conservative majority’s sense that law should be...
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Russ Wellen
Latest Smoking Gun on Iran's Nuclear Program Just Another Misfire
On February 13 Joby Warrick reported for the Washington Post that "Iran recently sought to acquire tens of thousands of highly specialized magnets used in centrifuge machines, according to experts...
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Dan Beeton, Alexander Main
Will the US Continue to Obstruct Justice for Baby Doc's Victims in Haiti?
In Argentina , Guatemala , Peru and other countries in the region, former dictators and many of those responsible for egregious human rights violations under former authoritarian regimes have been,...
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Richard Heinberg
Deficit Reduction Equals Recession
The math is not difficult. The US has an annual GDP of $14 trillion, and the nation’s current $1 trillion in annual deficit spending is seven percent of its GDP. Growth in GDP has recently been...
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Richard Eskow
Lords of Disorder: Billions For Wall Street, Sacrifice For Everyone Else
The President’s “sequester” offer slashes non-defense spending by $830 billion over the next ten years. That happens to be the precise amount we’re implicitly giving Wall Street’s biggest banks over...
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David Roberts
Keystone Scolds Should Let Activists Be Activists
What should the climate movement do next, after Keystone? Last week I approached the question through the lens of supply-side vs.
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Michelle Chen
Locked Out of Jobs, Formerly Incarcerated Struggle to Reintegrate
Thanks to our harsh criminal justice policies and anti-drug laws, an extraordinary number of Americans will spend some part of their lives in the prison system.
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Glenn Greenwald
Supreme Court Shields Warrantless Eavesdropping Law from Constitutional Challenge
The Obama justice department succeeded in convincing the five right-wing Supreme Court justices to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the 2008 law, the FISA Amendments Act, which...
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Tom Engelhardt
Walling Ourselves Inside a Militarized-Police State
It was, in a sense, so expectable, so leave-no-child-behind. I’m talking about the arming of American schools. Think of it as the next step in the militarization of this country, which follows all-...
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Norman Solomon
Three-Quarters of Progressive Caucus Not Taking a Stand Against Cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
For the social compact of the United States, most of the Congressional Progressive Caucus has gone missing.
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Deborah Burger
Lew’s Latest Shows US Increasingly Out of Step in Holding Wall Street Accountable
How far behind the rest of the world can we continue to fall on holding the Wall Street traders and tycoons to account for the mess they made of our economy? The sharp contrast Monday between the...
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