Views for 2013-02-24

Sunday, February 24, 2013
Nick Turse
“I Begged for Them to Stop”: Waterboarding Americans and the Redefinition of Torture
Try to remain calm -- even as you begin to feel your chest tighten and your heart race. Try not to panic as water starts flowing into your nose and mouth, while you attempt to constrict your throat...
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Adnan Al-Daini
Think Britain and the US Are Meritocratic Societies? Think Again
Those who have been successful in society anywhere in the world either in business, the professions, academia or political achievements fall into two categories: either they consider themselves...
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Alex Himelfarb
The Trouble with Austerity: Cutting is More About Ideology than Economics
Governments here and elsewhere are increasingly preoccupied with cutting even as evidence piles up of its harmful consequences on people and the economy. Austerity is not even delivering the balanced...
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Dave Zweifel
Crying Crocodile Tears for Standard & Poor’s
Why do I get this vicarious feeling of delight whenever I read a headline like this: “States could add to S&P exposure.” That’s a Wall Street Journal headline on a story that reported that...
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Robert Fisk
War on Terror is the West's New Religion
Mohamed al-Zawahiri, younger brother of Osama bin Laden's successor, Ayman, made a particularly intriguing statement in Cairo last month. Talking to that wonderful French institution Le Journal du...
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Dave Zirin
Florida Atlantic's Folly: Why GEO Group Should Not Have Naming Rights
Sometimes the sports world doesn’t just reflect the real world. It mocks our world with a vicious veracity. Recently, we learned that Florida Atlantic University had sold the naming rights to its...
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Sam Husseini
The Moral Depravity of "Lincoln"
There is not a substantial character in the movie "Lincoln" who argues -- on moral grounds -- that African Americans are equal to whites. The movie opens with President Lincoln listening to a...
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Paloma Muñoz Quick
Arms Trade: A Lethal Business and an Urgent Treaty
While Americans debate President Barack Obama's gun control plan, a much bigger debate is going on worldwide that few Americans are aware of—whether to restrict the global trade in conventional...
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