Views for 2013-02-20

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Fred Pearce
Where is Sombath Somphone? In Grisly Global Trend, Green Activists Are Facing Deadly Dangers
Where is Sombath Somphone? With every day that passes, the fate of one of Southeast Asia’s most high-profile environmental activists, who was snatched from the streets of Laos in December, becomes...
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David Roberts
Joe Nocera Knows from Boneheaded
Yesterday I wrote a response to Andy Revkin’s recent New York Times post on Keystone . As vexing as I often find him (and him me!), Revkin is curious about how the world works, open to feedback and...
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Imara Jones
What’s ‘Sequestration’ Mean in Real Life?
With politicians and pundits throwing around words like “sequestration” and debating the arcana of federal budgeting, it can be tough to grasp what’s at stake for real people and their communities.
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Matthew Rothschild
The Supreme Court’s Absurdist Push to Lift Campaign Limits
The U.S. Supreme Court seems poised to do more damage to our electoral system by lifting the cumulative contributions that someone can make to individual candidates and committees. An Alabama man,...
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Jeremy Brecher
How EPA Climate Protection Can Be America’s Greatest Jobs Producer
As our country is devastated by more and more severe droughts, floods, fires, and superstorms, the public is demanding regulation of the greenhouse gasses that cause climate change. The corporations...
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John R. MacArthur
Working on the Railroad: Uncle Sam? Not Much
I’ve been reading a lot lately about massive government investments in high-speed rail — in Britain, that is.
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Sarah van Gelder
The Cooperative Way to a Stronger Economy
Our little group of a dozen families was running out of time.
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DS Wright
Aaron Swartz’s FBI File
When I heard the news of Aaron Swartz’s suicide I was deeply saddened or more accurately profoundly irritated. Why had the government – or should I say U.S Attorney Carmen Ortiz – wasted so much time...
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Monique Morrissey
Strengthening Social Security for All
Americans need Social Security more than ever, and they’re willing to pay for it. Rather than more cuts, we need higher benefits across the board.
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Robin Marty
They Are Coming for Your Birth Control
( Note: Think that anti-choice politicians and activists aren’t trying to outlaw contraception? Think again. Follow along in an ongoing series that proves beyond a doubt that they really are coming...
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Seumas Milne
Think There's No Alternative? Latin America Has a Few
Ever since the crash of 2008 exposed the rotten core of a failed economic model, we've been told there are no viable alternatives.
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James Howard Kunstler
Scale Implosion: After Ruining America, the Era of Giant Chain Stores Is Over
Back in the day when big box retail started to explode upon the American landscape like a raging economic scrofula, I attended many a town planning board meeting where the pro and con factions faced...
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Greg Kaufmann
10 Things You Should Know About #TheRealTANF
The Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program was created by what is commonly referred to as “welfare reform” in 1996. It replaced Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) as the...
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Norman Solomon
Congress: End Endless War and Stop Becoming “the Evil That We Deplore”
Congress waited six years to repeal the Tonkin Gulf Resolution after it opened the bloody floodgates for the Vietnam War in August 1964.
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