Views for 2013-02-11

Monday, February 11, 2013
Marion Brady
A Real Paradigm Shift in Education
I envy Thomas Paine’s way with language. I’ve been searching for years for words that would have the impact of those he penned in his 1776 pamphlet, “The Crisis.”
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Kimberly Halkett
US Food Industry Battles Against Regulation
Why are Americans getting fatter, and who's to blame? It's a question members of the US Congress need to be asking.
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From Afghanistan: My Voice Is Not Political, It Is Human
It’s hard for me, an ordinary citizen of Singapore, a medical doctor engaged in social enterprise work in Afghanistan and a human being wishing for a better world, to write this from Kabul. But...
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Arundhati Roy
The Hanging of Afzal Guru is a Stain on India's Democracy
Spring announced itself in Delhi on Saturday. The sun was out, and the law took its course.
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Glenn Greenwald
DOJ Kill List Memo Forces Many Dems Out of the Closet as Overtly Unprincipled Hacks
This past week has been a strangely clarifying political moment.
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Bruce Friedrich
Genetically Engineered Meat, Coming Soon to a Supermarket Near You
If you’re one of the 91 percent of Americans who opposes genetically engineered (GE) meat , you may have limited time to act: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed approval of the first...
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Robert Kuttner
The Sorry State of Our Union
President Obama delivers his fifth State of the Union Address on Tuesday. Based on White House leaks, the president will emphasize rebuilding the middle class. He will invoke the importance of...
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Chris Hedges
The NDAA and the Death of the Democratic State
On Wednesday a few hundred activists crowded into the courtroom of the Second Circuit, the spillover room with its faulty audio feed and dearth of chairs, and Foley Square outside the Thurgood...
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Richard Eskow
Increasing Social Security Benefits: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Archaeologists of the future will sift through our newspapers, websites, and other ephemera and marvel at the inverted shape of our political debate. They’ll be particularly surprised to discover...
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Michael T. Klare
A Presidential Decision That Could Change the World: The Strategic Importance of Keystone XL
Presidential decisions often turn out to be far less significant than imagined, but every now and then what a president decides actually determines how the world turns. Such is the case with the...
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Norman Solomon
Washington’s War-Makers Aren’t “in a Bubble,” They’re in a Bunker
With the tenth anniversary of the Iraq invasion coming up next month, we can expect a surge of explanations for what made that catastrophe possible. An axiom from Orwell -- “who controls the past...
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