Views for 2013-02-10

Sunday, February 10, 2013
Gary Younge
Barack Obama is Pushing Gun Control at Home, but He's a Killer Abroad
On 27 January CBS aired an interview with the newly inaugurated President Barack Obama and his outgoing secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, during which the president faced accusations that under...
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Diane Ravitch
We Must Out-Educate and Out-Innovate Other Nations
My fellow Americans, I have said in previous addresses on this occasion that the key to our future success is to make sure that the education we provide our young people is the best in the world. I...
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Ruth Conniff
Voting Rights Under Attack
In an incendiary new report, "Rig the Vote: How a National Effort to Attack Voting Rights Landed in Wisconsin" , the Center for Media and Democracy and Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund show...
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Adil E. Shamoo
What Bush's War on Iraq Wrought
All indicators are pointing to a looming sectarian civil war on Iraq’s horizon. It is possible to avoid this civil war, but so far, the country’s leaders are not willing to compromise, and outside...
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Gareth Porter
A Rush to Judgment in Bulgarian Blast?
Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov’s dramatic announcement last Tuesday on the Bulgarian investigation of the July 2012 terror bombing of an Israeli tourist bus was initially reported by...
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Donna Smith
Churning Isn’t Just for Butter Anymore
It isn’t often anymore that I learn a new word in the health care system discussion, but this week I did. Churning. I was at a meeting here in Colorado where I have taken on a new role in advocating...
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Renee Parsons
NYC School Bus Strike, Wall Street and the NLRB
Despite assurances that ' sharing the sacrifice ' necessary as a result of the 2008 economic collapse is the patriotic duty of every American, the latest challenge to that burden-sharing philosophy...
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Ray McGovern
John Brennan’s Tenet-Like Testimony
CIA Director-designate John Brennan’s assertion to the Senate Intelligence Committee that Iran is “bent on pursuing nuclear weapons” is precisely the kind of dangerous “mistake” made by his mentor,...
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Don Kraus
The. Very. Best. Valentine. Ever.
This year I came up with the best Valentine’s Day gift ever for my wife and daughter. It’s inexpensive and, unlike a bouquet of flowers, should last beyond their lifetimes. They’ll love it! I can’t...
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