Views for 2013-02-08

Friday, February 8, 2013
Karen Charman
Radioactive Eye Glasses …Silverware…Zippers…Hip Joints… Anyone?
How would you like radioactive metal from nuclear weapons facilities to be recycled for use in consumer goods like silverware, pots and pans, eye glasses, zippers, kid’s braces, and even pacemakers...
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John Nichols
Eliminating Saturday Postal Service Attacks Vote-By-Mail Democracy
The proposal by the US Postal Service to end Saturday mail delivery – which can and should be blocked by Congress – poses a dramatic threat to the economic and social viability of rural communities...
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Ralph Nader
Generalissima Clinton Expanding the Empire
Hillary Clinton has completed her four-year tenure as Secretary of State to the accolades of both Democratic and Republican Congressional champions of the budget-busting “military-industrial complex...
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Dean Baker
The US Should Grow the Deficit, Not Shrink It
There is an astounding level of confusion surrounding the current US deficit. There are three irrefutable facts about the deficits:
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Matthew Rothschild
Brennan’s Obscene Testimony at Confirmation Hearing
John Brennan tried to elude his questioners at his confirmation hearing as CIA director. On one question after another, he excreted octopus ink to dodge or obfuscate. Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon said, "...
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Phyllis Bennis
Pathway to Progress in Israel Runs Through International Law, Local and Global Action
The results weren’t nearly as dire as many predicted. The Israeli elections last month didn’t bring about a complete victory for the far right (and Israel’s far-right is very far indeed!).
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Shamus Cooke
More Austerity Cuts Coming to the States
The Great Recession has quietly devastated public services on a state-by-state basis, with Republican and Democratic governors taking turns leading the charge. Public education has been decimated, as...
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Phil Rockstroh
Empire Of Panic And Ephemera: Applying Rigorous Imagination To America's Paranoid Style
"Handsomely equipped to fail, I went out into the world.” ― John Fowles, from The Magus In the consumer paradigm, one is induced to exist by Eric Hoffer's dictum: "You can never get enough of what...
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Jeff Biggers
Will Congress Finally Deal With The Health Emergency of Mountaintop Removal?
With the daily silica -laced blizzard from five million pounds of toxic explosives in the background, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth and Rep.
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Frida Berrigan
A Recipe for Nonviolent Parenting
My son has fat little hands — the kind where the knuckles sink in instead of stick out. Seamus Philip is coming up on seven months old and is learning to use his hands to grab and pull and caress and...
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Robert Scheer
America’s Global Torture Network
The title, “Globalizing Torture,” says it all. This meticulous accounting of the network of torture chambers that the United States has authorized in more than 54 nations is a damning indictment that...
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