Views for 2013-01-28

Monday, January 28, 2013
Jim Naureckas
Why Do Poor People Living in an Abandoned Skyscraper So Outrage the New Yorker?
Jon Lee Anderson is a reporter I've long admired–since reading Inside the League: The Shocking Expose of How Terrorists, Nazis and Latin American Death Squads Have Infiltrated the World Anti-...
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Archana Rampure
Neoliberalism No More: Making Common Cause to Defeat the Harper Agenda
Stephen Harper has an agenda and it is all about turning Canada into a resource-extraction economy. He would like to make sure that nothing and no one stands in the way of exploiting the oil and the...
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Sam Pizzigati
To End Extreme Poverty, Let’s Try Ending Extreme Wealth
Apologists for inequality have a standard retort to anyone who calls for a more equal distribution of the world’s treasure. If you took all the wealth of the wealthy and divvied it up equally among...
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Harold Meyerson
Employees? Consumers? Feh!
Should the Supreme Court uphold it, last Friday’s decision by three Reagan-appointees to the D.C. Circuit Appellate Court appears at first glance to rejigger the balance of power between Congress and...
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Fred Pearce
Is Obama About to Blow His Climate Credentials?
Faced with rising anger from environmentalists last year over his plans for a transcontinental pipeline to deliver treacly Canadian tar sands to Texas oil refineries on the Gulf of Mexico, the CEO of...
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Chris Hedges
White Power to the Rescue
On a windy afternoon a few days ago I went to a depressed section of North Memphis to visit an old clapboard house that was once owned by a German immigrant named Jacob Burkle. Oral history—and oral...
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Glenn Greenwald
Pentagon's New Massive Expansion of 'Cyber-Security' Unit is About Everything Except Defense
As the US government depicts the Defense Department as shrinking due to budgetary constraints, the Washington Post this morning announces "a major expansion of [the Pentagon's] cybersecurity force...
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Paul Krugman
The GOP's Class Warriors: Makers, Takers, Fakers
Republicans have a problem. For years they could shout down any attempt to point out the extent to which their policies favored the elite over the poor and the middle class; all they had to do was...
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Ann Jones
Only Three Choices for Afghan Endgame: Compromise, Conflict, or Collapse
KABUL, Afghanistan – Compromise, conflict, or collapse: ask an Afghan what to expect in 2014 and you’re likely to get a scenario that falls under one of those three headings.
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Bill Bigelow
The Poison We Never Talk About in School
The most dangerous substance in the world is barely mentioned in the school curriculum. Coal. According to the International Energy Agency, burning coal creates more greenhouse gases than any other...
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Paul Buchheit
FDR's Four Freedoms: Diminished and Defiled
If asked why we live in a great country, an American is likely to respond: "Because we are free." Fortunately for the respondent, explanation is rarely required. Freedom is difficult to define, and...
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Rose Ann DeMoro
Court Ruling on Labor Board a Bid to Return to Era of Open Season on Workers
The appeals court ruling Friday overturning President Obama’s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board is a huge gift to Wall Street, big corporations and the politicians they...
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Laura Flanders
The Trouble with Roe
The Supreme Court Decision legalizing a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy has turned forty years old. Protestors last week turned out at the court in support of the decision and also against...
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